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Faculty of Economics

The Keynes Fund at the Faculty of Economics has appended another funding stream for PhD students to apply for small grants outside the main funding process.


Dr. Toke Aidt

The Keynes Fund for Applied Economics promotes innovative and path breaking quality research in economics and finance. It now has an additional Small Awards Scheme to support PhD students (whose research fall within the remit of the Fund) in building networks and disseminating their research at conferences and workshops, giving a grant of up to £2000.

“This is great for many struggling PhD students, who can often find that essential conferences are available to them, but they just can’t afford to go.” says Dr. Toke Aidt, a University Reader and Director of the Keynes Fund. “It is an ‘add on’ if you like, to the main Keynes Fund resource for early stage researchers.”

A key part of the Faculty of Economics, the Keynes Fund provides resources for early stage researchers as well as for established academics in Cambridge, with a special emphasis on understanding key distortions that affect market allocations and create inefficiencies and on finding policy solutions to correct such inefficiencies.

New Keynes Fund PhD students small awards scheme

There will also be up to £3000 to enabling PhD students to acquire access to datasets essential to their research.

“Many PhD students base their research on observational data, which are very widely available now, but it is also expensive to acquire,” says Dr Aidt. “Without being able to buy access to data, many PhD students would not be able to carry on their research, which is not only essential to their future careers, but also vital for our understanding of the economic world as is continues to evolve.”

There will be two opportunities each year for PhD students to apply. In the spring, and the autumn.

“We’re here for anyone at Cambridge who has a good research project within the Funds remit, but is struggling to find the financial support to carry it out,” says Dr. Aidt. “What we’re really looking for is early stage, cutting-edge research in Economics and Finance, and this new funding stream will really give a boost to ‘young’ PhD students.”

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