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Research Interests

Electricity policy research, specifically market design and behaviour, transmission access pricing, renewables support mechanisms and climate change policy

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Newbery, D. M., Reiner, D. M. and Ritz, R. A. The political economy of a carbon price floor for power generation, (2019) Energy Journal
Newbery, D., Pollitt, M.G., Ritz, R.A. and Strielkowski, W. Market design for a high-renewables European electricity system, (2018) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Newbery, D. M. and Greve, T. The Strategic Robustness of Oligopoly Electricity Market Models, (2017) Energy Economics
Newbery, D. M. Towards a green energy economy? The EU energy union's transition to a low-carbon zero subsidy electricity system, (2016) Applied Energy
Newbery, D. M. and Strbac, G. What is needed for battery electric vehicles to become socially cost competitive?, (2015) Economics of Transportation

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Montoya, L., Guo, B., Newbery, D. M., Dodds, P., Lipman, G., Castagneto Gissey, G. Measuring inefficiency in international electricity trading, (2019) CWPE1983
Newbery, D., Pollitt, M., Reiner, D. and Taylor, S. Financing low-carbon generation in the UK: The hybrid RAB model, (2019) CWPE1969
Chyong, C-K., Newbery, D., McCarty, T. A Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch Model of the GB Electricity Market – Formulation and Application to Hydro Pumped Storage, (2019) CWPE1968
Guo, B., Newbery, D., Gissey, G. The Impact of Unilateral Carbon Taxes on Cross-Border Electricity Trading, (2019) CWPE1951
Newbery, D., Gissey, G., Guo, B. and Dodds, P. The private and social value of British electrical interconnectors, (2019) CWPE1941

Recent Activities

Frank Hahn Memoir Published - Publication Date: 2018-01-26
Professor David Newbery has published his memoir of Frank Hahn (1925-2013) in the Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy.

David Newbery listed in Queen's Birthday Honours - Publication Date: 2012-06-17
In this year's Birthday Honours list, Professor David Newbery will receive CBE.

David Newbery Presents at the Annual HM Treasury Economists Conference - Publication Date: 2010-01-27
David Newbery presented his critique of the Economics of Green taxation

Research Grants

The Electricity Policy Research Group (ESRC)
Cessa - Coordinating Energy Security Of Supply Actions (EC FW6 CA)
British Academy Small Grant Bid - Karsten Neuhoff (BRITISH ACADEMY)
Supergen: Future Network Technologies (EPSRC (VIA UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE))
Electricity Policy Forum (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only))
Specific Support Action: Sessa (Sustainable Specific Support Assessment) (EC FP6 OTHER)
Price Comparison Sites And Competition: The Internet Connectivity Market (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST)
Promoting Innovation And Productivity In Electricity Markets (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only))
Efficient And Sustainable Regulation And Competition In Network Industries (ESRC)
The Internet And Price Competition In Retail Markets Within The Eu (EPSRC)
Road Pricing And Urban Congestion Costs (ESRC)
Organisation, Competition And Regulation In The British Railway Industry (ESRC)

Professor David Newbery

Emeritus Professor and
Director of The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)

Research Group:
Empirical Microeconomics

CV: Curriculum Vitae

Contact Details
Room: 71
College: Churchill College