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Research Interests

Macroeconomic theory, macro-finance, expectations, networks


PhD from London Business School (2002); Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR); Member of the Centre for Macroeconomics (CFM); ESRC Grant on 'Macroeconomic policy and learning dynamics' (2005-2008).

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Cavalcanti, T.V.D., Giannitsarou, C. and Johnson, C.R. Network cohesion, Economic Theory vol 64(1) (2017) pp. 1-21
Cavalcanti, T.V.D. and Giannitsarou, C. Growth and Human Capital: A Network Approach, The Economic Journal vol 127(603) (2017)
Challe, E. and Giannitsarou, C. Stock prices and monetary policy shocks: a general equilibrium approach, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control vol 40(March) (2014) pp. 46-66
Anagnostopoulos, A. and Giannitsarou, C. Indeterminacy and period length under balanced budget rules, Macroeconomic Dynamics vol 17(1) (2012) pp. 898-919
Carceles-Poveda, E. and Giannitsarou, C. Asset pricing with adaptive learning, Review of Economic Dynamics vol 11(3) (2008) pp. 629-651

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Arrondel, L., Calvo-Pardo, H., Giannitsarou, C., Haliassos, M. Informative Social Interactions, (2019) CWPE1911
Anagnostopoulos, A., Atesagaoglu, O., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. Foreign Direct Investment as a Determinant of Cross-Country Stock Market Comovement, (2019) CWPE1978

Recent Activities

Faculty Academic Promotions and Appointments 2019 - Publication Date: 2019-06-13
The Faculty is very pleased to announce that Dr Chryssi Giannitsarou and Dr Donald Robertson have been promoted to University Readerships and that Dr Sriya Iyer has been appointed to University Readership and will join the Faculty in that capacity in September.

Research Grants

Togetherness: The Increase in Global Stock Market Correlations (British Academy)
Macroeconomic Policy And Learning Dynamics (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Financial decisions: The role of information through social networks ** (JHLQ)
Mapping of Rumours and Information Diffusion with Toxvaerd, F. and Collier, N. (JHOQ)

**co-finance with CERF


PI Paper 2 - Michaelmas - Macroeconomic Principles I
Diploma Prep Course - Macroeconomic Principles I
MPhil R200 - Advanced Macroeconomics

PhD Students


Yiming Xu
PhD Title: Expected stock returns and capital misallocation in production networks


Zeina Hasna
PhD Title: Essays on the Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change
Research: Macroeconomics, Structural Change, Growth & Inequality, Environment Economics

Dr Chryssi Giannitsarou

University Reader

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College: King's College