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Research Interests

In historical perspective, long cycles; business cycles; trade policy; exchange rate regimes and economic performance; weather and sectoral fluctuations

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Lloyd, S.P. and Solomou, S. The impact of the 1932 General Tariff: a difference-in-difference approach, (2019) Cliometrica
da Rocha, B.T. and Solomou, S.N. The effects of systemic banking crises in the inter-war period, (2015) Journal of International Money and Finance
Ristuccia, C. A. and Solomou, S. Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical power as a case study, (2014) European Review of Economic History
Mitchell, J., Solomou, S. N. and Weale, M. Monthly GDP estimates for inter-war britain, (2012) Explorations in Economic History
Ristuccia, C. and Solomou, S. N. General purpose technologies and economic growth: electricity diffusion in the manufacturing sector before WWII, (2012) European Review of Economic History

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Lloyd, S. and Solomou, S. The Impact of the 1932 General Tariff: A Difference-in-Difference Approach, (2019) CWPE1940
Rocha, B. and Solomou, S. The Effects of Systemic Banking Crises in the Inter-War Period, (2015) CWPE1503
Ristuccia, C. A. and Solomou, S. Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical Power as a case study , (2014) CWPE1404
Mitchell, J., Solomou, S. and Weale, M. Monthly GDP Estimates for Inter-War Britain, (2011) CWPE1155
Ristuccia, C. A. and Solomou , S. General Purpose Technologies and Economic Growth: Electricity Diffusion in the Manufacturing Sector Before WWII, (2010) CWPE1048

Recent Activities

Financial Crises: Lessons from History - Publication Date: 2015-04-28
A Symposium in Economics and History with Michael Bordo, Barry Eichengreen and Solomus Solomou. Held at Trinity College on 7th May, 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Research Grants

An Evaluation Of Schedule D Tax Returns For British National Accounts And The Performance Of The Service Sector In Late C19th Britain (NUFFIELD FOUNDATION)
Episodic Growth Since 1850 (ESRC)

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Real Financial Linkages and Start-Stop Phases of Economic Growth Solomou, S. (JHLG) Project Summary and Output
Credit Cycles since 1870 Solomou, S. (JHOG)


PI Paper 5 - British Interwar Economic History
PIIB Paper 14 - World Depression in the Interwar Period: International Transmission
MPhil S600 - Topics in Macroeconomic History

PhD Students

PhD Students

Xiaohua Chen
PhD Title: Financial Cycles

Dr Solomos Solomou

University Reader

Research Group:
Economic History

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Room: 26
Office Hours: By appointment
College: Fellow of Peterhouse