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Faculty of Economics


Anil Ari

Title: Sovereign Risk and Fiscal Policy in an Open Economy Framework

Research Interests
Sovereign Risk, Macro-Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics

Michael Ashby

Title: Do Consumption-based asset pricing models explain mean reversion in stock returns

William Carpenter

Title: Information, Robustness, and Network Control

Jin Deng Keith Chan

Title: Evolutionary Market Games

Yujiang (River) Chen

Title: The Impact of the Minimum Wage on the Wage Distribution: Evidence from China

Research Interests
Labour Economics, Public Economics, Urban Economics

Jeroen Dalderop

Title: Econometric Analysis of Derivative Prices

Research Interests
Econometrics, Financial Economics, and Asset Pricing

Alexis De Boeck

Title: Inference in Partially Identified Non-separable Models

Stephanie De Mel

Title: Private or Public? Efficiency and Equity Implications of Tertiary Education Choice

Maarten De Ridder

Title: Investment in Productivity and the long-run effect of financial crises on output

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, Financial Economics

Sihua Ding

Title: Introductions and Matching in a Network

Oliver Exton

Title: Firms and Workers in International Trade

Research Interests
International trade, International economics, Trade policy, Labour economics

Joseph Fisher

Title: Forecasting economic variables with machine learning techniques and internet data

Shuyi Ge

Title: Multiple discrete-continuous choice model: an applicationto chinese household financial assets choice

Axel Gottfries

Title: Wage Rigidity, Search and Unemployment

Research Interests
Economic Theory

Felix Grey

Title: Corporate Lobbying for Environmental Protection

Research Interests
Environmental Economics, Political Economics

Bowei Guo

Title: Household Short-term Load Forecasting Using Multi-level Factor Analysis

Lu Han

Title: Optimal Price Setting and Exchange Rate Pass Through - The Role of the Retail Capital

Alex Harris

Title: Evolution of Preference Types under Screening

Research Interests
Cooperation, Social Norms, Evolution of Preferences, Networks

Tristan Hennig

Title: Asset prices and trading under imperfect information processing (Areas: Game Theory, Asset Pricing, Behavioural Finance)

Richard (Mutian) Hou

Title: Wealth Inequality and Economic Stagnation

Research Interests
Wealth inequality and Economic Development, Resource Misallocation, Macroeconomic Theory

Myungun Kim

Title: Rethinking Industrial Policy

Alice Kuegler

Research Interests
Labour Economics, Productivity, Public Economics, Development Economics

Jan Kvasnicka

Title: Dynamic Income Inequality and Optimal Fiscal Policy

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy, Heterogeneous Agents Models, Computational Methods

Alfie Lake

Title: Monetary Policy and Financial Cycles: Evidence from US Cities

Research Interests
Financial cycles, Macro-Finance, Applied Macroeconometrics, Behavioural Economics

Athene Laws

Title: Testing search models of minimum wages

Su-Min Lee

Title: Individual and Party Electoral Incentives in Distributive Politics

Jiaqi Li

Title: Imperfect Competition in Banking and Monetary Transmission

Shaoran Li

Title: Specification, Selection, Estimation and Classification of Non-parametric Regressions

Simon Lloyd

Research Interests
International Macroeconomics, Macro-Finance, Monetary Economics and Policy.

Jason Lu

Title: The Fall in Real Interest Rates, the Introduction of the pill, and the role of Fiscal Policy

Samuel Mann

Title: Macroeconomic Stabilisation and Chapter Controls

Research Interests
International Macroeconomics & Finance

Emile Marin

Title: Self-fulfilling Crises and Country Solidarity

(Edward) Rafe Martyn

Title: Supply-Side Policies at the Zero-lower bound in a Rotemberg Wage Setting

Research Interests
Labour economics; Macroprudential policy; Zero-Lower-Bound

Ryan Ng

Title: Large vector autogressions under mixed frequency data settings with applications

Gustavo Nicolas Paez

Title: Regional Economics, Networks, and Development

Eoghan O'Neill

Title: Estimation of Conditional Average Treatment Effects Using Many Covariates - An Application to Electricity Smart Meter Trial Data

Dario Palumbo

Title: Modelling and Extracting the Term Structure of Interest Rates: A Unifying Framework

Ashish Patel

Title: Partition-based goodness of fit tests for moment condition models

Sirikorn Puangjit

Title: Bargaining in Interbank lending market with endogenous matching

Bartosz Redlicki

Title: Essays in Information Economics

Research Interests
Microeconomic Theory, Political Economy, Information Economics

Margit Reischer

Title: The Granularity of GDP Forecasts in Theory and Practice. Lessons from Multisector Growth Models

Ekaterina Smetanina

Title: Real-time GARCH: Does Current Information Matter?

Research Interests
My research interests are time series, forecasting and financial econometrics. I am also interested in applying nonparametric methods to different econometric problems.

Lidia Smitkova

Title: Effects of trade on de-industrialization

John Spray

Title: Export Transitions and the Supply Chain: Evidence from Uganda

Haihan Tang

Title: Adaptive LASSO Estimator in Dynamic Panel Data Models

Research Interests
Econometric Theory (particularly high-dimensional methods), Financial Econometrics, Applied Econometrics

Ondrej Tobek

Title: In Search of Ultimate Liquidity Proxy

Research Interests
Empirical Finance, Asset pricing

Daniel Wales

Title: The Impact of Large Scale Asset Purchases on Wealth Inequality

Alan Walsh

Title: Network Formation: Theory and Applications

Ruochen Wu

Title: Semi-parametric Bayesian Bootstrapped Semiparametric Bayesian Inference: An Application to Demand SystemsEconometrics

Jasmine Xiao

Title: Corporate Debt Structure, Precautionary Savings, and Investment Dynamics

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Firm Dynamics

Tomasz Zawisza

Title: Models of Liquidity

Research Interests
Public economics, labour economics, health economics, computational methods.

Peng Zhang

Title: Higher Education Expansion and Integrational Mobility in Contemporary China

Research Interests
Development Economics, Labour Economics, Economic Geography