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Research Interests

Economic Theory, Market Design


Ph.D. from the University of Chicago (2006). Held postdoctoral positions at Harvard Business School and Oxford University prior to joining Cambridge in 2010.

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Erdil, A. and Ergin, H. Two-sided matching with indifferences, (2017) Journal of Economic Theory
Erdil, A. Strategy-proof stochastic assignment, (2013) Journal of Economic Theory
Erdil, A. and Klemperer, P. A new payment rule for core-selecting package auctions, (2010) Journal of the European Economic Association
Ehlers, L. and Erdil, A. Efficient assignment respecting priorities, (2010) Journal of Economic Theory
Erdil, A. and Ergin, H. What's the matter with tie-breaking? Improving efficient, (2008) American Economic Review

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Erdil, A. Strategy-Proof Stochastic Assignment, (2013) CWPE1333

Chapter in Book

Erdil, A. and Ergin, H. Improving efficiency in school choice, (2013) in the book: The handbook of market design - Oxford University Press


PI Paper 1 - Consumer, Producer, Rational Choice Theory
PI Paper 3 - Mathematics for Economists
PIIB Paper 4 - Topics Course
MPhil Prep Course - Calculus and Optimisation

Dr Aytek Erdil

University Lecturer

Research Group:
Microeconomic Theory

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Room: 34
Office Hours: Thursdays at 2pm
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College: King's College