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Research Interests

Economics of Poverty and Nutrition. Environmental Economics. Economic Measurement. Economics of Knowledge.


Fellow: British Academy, Royal Society. Member: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Foreign Member: US National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Philosophical Society, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Honorary Fellow: London School of Economics, Trinity College (Cambridge). Volvo Environment Prize (2002), John Kenneth Galbraith Prize (2006), Zayed International Environment Prize (2011), Blue Planet Prize (2015), Tyler Prize (2016). Honorary Doctorate: Wageningen University, University of Bologna, Tilberg University, Catholic University of Louvain, Harvard University, University of York.

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Dasgupta, P., Ramsey and Intergenerational Welfare Economics, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, (Summer 2019 Edition)
Dasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P. Population Overshoot, The Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics, forthcoming, (2019)
Dasgupta, P. and Goyal, S. Narrow Identities, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, (2019) vol 175 no. 3 pp. 395-419
Dasgupta, P., Mitra, T. and Sorger, G. Harvesting the Commons, Environmental and Resource Economics, (2018) vol 72(3) pp. 613-636
Dasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P. Socially Embedded Preferences, Environmental Externalities, and Reproductive Rights, Population and Development Review, (2017) vol 43(3) pp. 405-441

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Dasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P. Socially Embedded Preferences, Environmental Externalities, and Reproductive Rights, (2017) CWPE1724
Dasgupta, P. and Goyal, S. Narrow Identities, (2016) CWPE1653
Dasgupta, P. Birth and Death, (2016) CWPE1660
Dasgupta, P. The Nature of Economic Development and the Economic Development of Nature, (2013) CWPE1349

Authored Book

Dasgupta, P. Time and the Generation: Population Ethics for a Diminishing Planet, (2019) Kenneth J. Arrow Lecture Series - Columbia University Press, New York

Edited Books

eds. Dasgupta, P., Raven, P. and McIvor, A. Biological Extinction, (2019) - Cambridge University Press

Recent Activities

The Economics of Biodiversity
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta will be talking to Minouche Shafik (LSE Director) about his research into "The Economics of Biodiversity". The virtual event will take place on Thursday 7th May 2020 1.00pm to 2.00pm and is hosted by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. Please see the LSE event page for details and to register your interest.
Published on - Wednesday 6th May 2020

Economics of Biodiversity
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta's independant global review on the Economics of Biodiversity has been published by the HM Treasury. The Review was commissioned last year by HM Treasury and is supported by an Advisory Panel drawn from public policy, science, economics, finance and business.
Published on - Friday 1st May 2020

Putting a Dollar Value on Biodiversity
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta was interviewed by Radio New Zealand about his research into biodiversity, particularly his Review of the Economics of Biodiversity and his pioneering work into Inclusive Wealth Index, that aims to puts a monetary value on natural resources.
Published on - Tuesday 18th February 2020

The Economics of Biodiversity
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta gave the 2019 Martin Buber Memorial Lecture at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, on the 26th November 2019, in Jerusalem. Prof. Dasgupta's talk was titled "The Economics of Biodiversity".
Published on - Wednesday 27th November 2019

Faculty Articles Recommended for Undergraduate Teaching
Professor Vasco M. Carvalho, Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie and Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta have all had papers submitted to the Journal of Economic Perspectives, by fellow Professor's, as articles that have found useful to support teaching.
Published on - Tuesday 24th September 2019

Research Grants

Human Well-Being And The 'Industrious Revolution': Consumption, Gender And Social Capital In A German Developing Economy, 1600-1900 (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta

Emeritus Professor, Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics

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Microeconomic Theory

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