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Faculty of Economics

Seminars This Week

15 Oct

Tony Lawson (Cambridge)

'How should economics be changed (if at all)?'
Monday 15th October 2018 8:00pm
Barbara White Room, Newnham College (Cambridge Realist Workshops)

16 Oct

George Joffe (POLIS/King's College London)

'The Effects of Rent on Democratic Choice'
Tuesday 16th October 2018 12:30pm
Seminar Room 1, Alison Richard Building (EPRG Seminars)

17 Oct

Avinash Dixit (Princeton)

'Environmental Catastrophes and Mitigation Policies in a Multi-region World'
Wednesday 17th October 2018 4:00pm
Keynes Room, (Microeconomics Seminars)

17 Oct

Catherine Thomas (London School of Economics and Political Science)

'Experience Markets: An Application to Outsourcing and Hiring'
Wednesday 17th October 2018 12:30pm
W4.05, Cambridge Judge Business School (Economics and Policy Group Seminar Series)

19 Oct

Avinash Dixit - extra presentation (Princeton)

'What Movies Can Teach Us About Game Theory - The lecture illustrates some basic game-theoretic concepts by screening and discussing short video clips from movies'
Friday 19th October 2018 5:00pm
McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College (Microeconomics Seminars)

19 Oct

Jorg Kalbfuss (Cambridge)

'Network cohesion and fragility in contests'
Friday 19th October 2018 1:00pm
Keynes Room, (Networks Reading Group)