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Faculty of Economics

Seminars This Week

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Due to COVID-19 this years Seminars will be taking place online

30 Nov

This Week's Meeting

Monday 30th November 2020 10:00am
Zoom Online Meeting (Identity, Social Norms and Institutions)

30 Nov

Alastair Langtry (Cambridge)

"Keeping Up with the Joneses: Reference Dependent Choice with Social Comparisons"
Monday 30th November 2020 1:00pm
Zoom Online Meeting (Theory Workshop)

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01 Dec

Oleg Itskhoki (UCLA), Silvia Miranda-Agrippino (Bank Of England & CEPR), Dmitry Muhkin (Wisconsin-Madison) (Cambridge)

"Dominant Currency Pricing Virtual Mini Conference"
Tuesday 1st December 2020 3:10pm
Zoom Online Meeting (Please follow link to register) (Macro-INET Seminars)

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02 Dec

Internal (Cambridge)

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 1:00pm
Zoom Online Meeting (Macro PhD Reading Group)

02 Dec

Bruno Strulovici (North Western)

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 4:00pm
Zoom (Microeconomics Seminars)

02 Dec

Xu Cheng (University of Pennsylvania)

"Macro-Finance Decoupling: Robust Evaluations of Macro Asset Pricing Models"
Wednesday 2nd December 2020 2:00pm
Zoom (Econometrics Seminars)

03 Dec

Janne Tukiainen (University of Turku)

"Love Thy (Elected) Neighbor? Residential segregation, political representation and local public goods"
Thursday 3rd December 2020 1:00pm
Zoom (Empirical Micro Seminars)

04 Dec

Francis Bloch (Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Friday 4th December 2020 1:00pm
Zoom Online Meeting (Cambridge-INET Networks Webinar Series)

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04 Dec

Joerg Kalbfuss (Cambridge)

"Macroscopic Firms"
Friday 4th December 2020 4:00pm
Zoom Online Meeting (Cambridge-INET Networks Reading Group)