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Faculty of Economics

Seminars - This Week

16 Oct

Sihua Ding (University of Cambridge)

'A General Model of Link Formation'
Monday 16th October 2017 12:30pm
Meade Room, (Theory Workshops)

16 Oct

Patricia Peinado (University of the Basque Country and Visitor at Dept of Land Economy, Cambridge)

'The Spanish Pension System, Disability Pensions and Vulnerability'
Monday 16th October 2017 3:00pm
Large Seminar Room, 1st Floor, Institute of Public Health, University Forvie Site, Robinson Way (Health Economics)

16 Oct

Tony Lawson (University of Cambridge)

'What is wrong with modern economics, and why does it stay wrong?'
Monday 16th October 2017 8:00pm
Latimer Room, Old Court, Clare College (Cambridge Realist Workshop)

17 Oct

Jacqueline Lam (Hong Kong University, visiting EPRG)

'Comparison of Air Pollution Trends and Policies in London and Beijing'
Tuesday 17th October 2017 12:30pm
Seminar Room 1, Alison Richard Building (EPRG Seminars)

17 Oct

Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College London)

'Internet & Politics: Evidence from UK Local Elections & Local Government Policies'
Tuesday 17th October 2017 5:45pm
LT1, Cambridge Judge Business School (Economics and Policy Group)

17 Oct

Fernando Martin (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

'The Value of Constraints on Discretionary Government Policy'
Tuesday 17th October 2017 4:00pm
Meade Room, (Macroeconomics Seminars - joint with Cambridge-INET)

17 Oct

Oskar Nordstrom Skans (Uppsala University)

'The Causal Impact of Social Connections on Firms' Outcomes'
Tuesday 17th October 2017 1:00pm
Meade Room, (Empirical Microeconomics Seminars)

18 Oct

Jasmine Xiao (University of Notre Dame)

'A macroeconomic model of banking industry dynamics'
Wednesday 18th October 2017 1:00pm
B4, Criminology (Macro Faculty Lunch)

18 Oct

Rainer Dahlhaus (Universitat Heidelberg)

'Towards a General Theory for Non-Linear Locally Stationary Processes (joint with Stefan Richter and Wei Biao Wu)'
Wednesday 18th October 2017 2:00pm
Keynes Room, (Econometrics Seminars)

18 Oct

Stephen Morris (Princeton University)

'Crises: Equilibrium Shifts and Large Shocks'
Wednesday 18th October 2017 4:00pm
Keynes Room, (Microeconomics - joint with Cambridge-INET)

20 Oct

Juuso Toikka (MIT Economics)

'Robust Incentives for Teams (joint with Tianjiao Dai, MIT)'
Friday 20th October 2017 1:00pm
Keynes Room, (Microeconomics)