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Research Interests

International trade and trade policy


PhD (2001), MS (1999) in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; MPP (1996) in international trade and finance from Harvard; AB (1990) in Asian studies and chemistry from Bowdoin College. Previously worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, as a visiting associate professor at Georgetown University, as an Adviser to the American Law Institute project on the Principles of the Law of World Trade and as an Advisory Board Member to the Pew Charitable Trusts' Subsidyscope project.

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Crowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L. The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting under Trade Agreement Renegotiation, AEA Papers and Proceedings vol 110 (2020) pp. 547-51
Crowley, M. A., Meng, N. and Song, H. Policy shocks and stock market returns: evidence from Chinese solar panels, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies vol 51 (2019) pp. 148-169
Crowley, M. A., Meng, N., and Song, H. Tariff scares: Trade policy uncertainty and foreign market entry by Chinese firms, Journal of International Economics vol 114 (2018) pp. 96-115
Crowley, M. A. and Hillman, J.A. Slamming the door on trade policy discretion? The WTO appellate body's ruling on market distortions and production costs in EU-Biodiesel (Argentina), World Trade Review vol 17(2) (2018)
Bown, C. P. and Crowley, M. A. Emerging economies, trade policy, and macroeconomic shocks, Journal of Development Economics vol 111 (2014) pp. 261-273

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Crowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L. The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting Under Trade Agreement Renegotiation, (2020) CWPE2016
Alcover, M. and Crowley, M. A. China -- Broiler Products: Can the sum of the parts be less than the whole?, (2019) CWPE1985
Corsetti, G., Crowley, M. A. and Han, L. Invoicing and the Dynamics of Pricing-to-market - Evidence from UK Export Prices around the Brexit Referendum, (2018) CWPE1860
Crowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L. Renegotiation of Trade Agreements and Firm Exporting Decisions: Evidence from the Impact of Brexit on UK Exports, (2018) CWPE1839
Crowley, M. A. Understanding the challenges to the world trading system, (2018) CWPE1825

Chapter in Book

Bown, C. P. and Crowley, M. A. The empirical landscape of trade policy, (2016) in the book: Handbook of commercial policy, Volume 1 - Elsevier
Crowley, M. A. Why are safeguards needed in a trade agreement?, (2010) in the book: Law and econmics of contingent protection in international trade - Cambridge University Press

Research Activities

UK-US Trade Deal Negotiations
Dr. Meredith Crowley gave testimony to the House of Commons International Trade Committee, via Zoom, on the 17th June 2020. You can watch a video of the meeting on the website.
Published on - Monday 22nd June 2020

The Brexit Negotiations: A Stocktake
Dr. Meredith Crowley is one of the authors of a new report called "The Brexit Negotiations: A Stocktake", published by academic think tank UK in a Changing Europe. This report finds that it is hard to see how the sort of comprehensive deal the UK and EU say they want can be agreed without an extension.
Published on - Thursday 18th June 2020

Will ‘level playing field’ Issues Derail the UK-EU Negotiations?
UK in a Changing Europe have published a blog by Dr. Meredith Crowley and Dr. Lu Han on "Will ‘level playing field’ Issues Derail the UK-EU Negotiations?" The blog poses that key question now is whether the two sides will be able to bridge the gap in a way that facilitates continued negotiation and, ultimately, a free trade deal.
Published on - Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Will the UK’s Free Ports Project Survive Covid-19?
Dr. Meredith Crowley was quoted in the New Statesman article "Will the UK’s free ports project survive Covid-19?" which looks at the delays and possible cancellation of UK free ports project after the COVID-19 crisis.
Published on - Wednesday 13th May 2020

Transatlantic Trade and Economic Cooperation through the Pandemic
Dr. Meredith Crowley will join Ed Balls, Nick Macpherson, and George Osbourne to discuss Covid-19 and the next round of the UK-US Free Trade Agreement at a webinar organised by The Strand Group. Please register to watch the webinar.
Published on - Tuesday 5th May 2020

Research Grants

UK in a Changing Europe Fellowship (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))
The impact of trade policy and exchange rate shocks on trade (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))
Data Impact Fellow (JISC) (Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC))

Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

The Cambridge-INET Institute
Coordinator for Transmission Mechanisms and Economic Policy Research Theme

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Credit Constraints and Optimal Price Setting in International Markets with Corsetti, G. (JHOR)


PIIA Paper 4 - Lent - Trade

PhD Students


Oliver Exton
PhD Title: Firms and Workers in International Trade
Research: International trade, International economics, Trade policy, Labour economics
Minkyu Son
PhD Title: On the Interaction between Credit Constraint and Export
Thomas Prayer
PhD Title: Firm-Level Impacts of Mutual Recognition Agreements


John Spray
PhD Title: Export Transitions and the Supply Chain: Evidence from Uganda
Research: International Trade & Development, Production Networks

Dr Meredith Crowley

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Empirical Microeconomics

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