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Research Interests

International trade and trade policy


PhD (2001), MS (1999) in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; MPP (1996) in international trade and finance from Harvard; AB (1990) in Asian studies and chemistry from Bowdoin College. Previously worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, as a visiting associate professor at Georgetown University, as an Adviser to the American Law Institute project on the Principles of the Law of World Trade and as an Advisory Board Member to the Pew Charitable Trusts' Subsidyscope project.

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Crowley, M. Tuna-dolphin II: a legal and economic analysis of the appellate body report, (2014) World Trade Review
Bown, C. P. and Crowley, M. Emerging economies, trade policy, and macroeconomic shocks, (2014) Journal of Development Economics
Crowley, M. A. and Bown, C. P. Import protection, business cycles, and exchange rates: evidence from the great recession, (2013) Journal of International Economics
Crowley, M. A. and Bown, C. P. Self-enforcing trade agreements: evidence from time-varying trade policy, (2013) American Economic Review
Crowley, M. and Luo, Xi. Understanding the great trade collapse of 2008-09 and the subsequent trade recovery., (2011) Economic perspectives

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Corsetti, G., Crowley, M., Han, L. and Song, H. Markups and Markets: A New Empirical Framework and Evidence on Exporters from China, (2018) CWPE1815
Crowley, M. Understanding the challenges to the world trading system, (2018) CWPE1825
Crowley, M. and Hillman, J. Slamming the door on trade policy discretion? The WTO Appellate Body's ruling on market distortions and production costs in EU-Biodiesel (Argentina), (2017) CWPE1739
Crowley, M., Song, H., Meng, N. Tariff Scares: Trade policy uncertainty and foreign market entry by Chinese firms, (2016) CWPE1676
Bown, C. and Crowley, M. The Empirical Landscape of Trade Policy, (2016) CWPE1624

Chapter in Book

Bown, C.P. and Crowley, M.A. The empirical landscape of trade policy, (2016) in the book: Handbook of commercial policy, Volume 1 - Elsevier
Crowley, Meredith Why are safeguards needed in a trade agreement?, (2010) in the book: Law and econmics of contingent protection in international trade - Cambridge University Press

Research Activities

US-China Trade War and Trade Deflection - Published on: Monday 16th April 2018
Dr. Meredith Crowley gave a 30 minute interview to Keri Philips of ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Rear Vision radio program on 16 April for a program on trade policy. The program is scheduled for broadcast on 22 April.

Post-Brexit UK-EU Relations - Published on: Sunday 15th April 2018
Dr. Meredith Crowley will give evidence to the House of Lords EU Committee on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. Dr. Crowley's testimony will be broadcast live from 15:00 on Tuesday 17 April.

Trade War Risks between the U.S. and China - Published on: Monday 9th April 2018
Dr. Meredith Crowley appeared on CTV News (Toronto) to disscus “Trade war risks between the U.S. and China”.

Trade Wars: Passion vs Logic - Published on: Sunday 8th April 2018
Dr. Meredith Crowley appeared on the BBC World Service Business Daily to disscus “Trade Wars: Passion vs Logic” presented by Ed Butler with Simon Tulette.

Impact of US-China Trade War on UK Industry - Published on: Friday 6th April 2018
Dr. Meredith Crowley discusses how a US-China trade war will impact UK industry as well as post-Brexit trade agreements, on BBC Radio Four, The Briefing Room - “Can you win a trade war?”, presented by David Aaronovitch.

Research Grants

The impact of trade policy and exchange rate shocks on trade (ESRC)

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Credit Constraints and Optimal Price Setting in International Markets with Corsetti, G. (JHOR)


PIIA Paper 4 - Lent - Trade
PIIB Paper 9 - Lent - Trade and Industry

PhD Students


Oliver Exton
PhD Title: Firms and Workers in International Trade
Research: International trade, International economics, Trade policy, Labour economics
Minkyu Son
PhD Title:


John Spray
PhD Title: Export Transitions and the Supply Chain: Evidence from Uganda
Athene Laws
PhD Title: Testing search models of minimum wages

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Empirical Microeconomics

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