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Faculty of Economics

Title Authors Journal Year
The Information Content of Conflict, Social Unrest and Policy Uncertainty Measures for Macroeconomic ForecastingDiakonova, M., Molina, L., Mueller, H., Pérez, J. J. and Rauh, C.Latin American Journal of Central Banking[2024]
Stabilization vs. Redistribution: The Optimal Monetary-Fiscal MixBilbiie, F. O., Monacelli, T. and Perotti, R.Journal of Monetary Economics, accepted[2024]
The Impact of a Large Depreciation on the Cost of Living of Rich and Poor ConsumersColicev, A., Hoste, J. and Konings, J.International Economic Review, accepted[2024]
The Hidden Toll of the Pandemic: Excess Mortality in non-COVID-19 Hospital PatientsFetzer, T., Rauh, C. and Schreiner, C.Journal of Health Economics, accepted[2024]
Introducing a Global Dataset on Conflict Forecasts and News TopicsMueller, H., Rauh, C. and Seimon, B.Data & Policy[2024]
Resource Allocation, Computational Complexity, and Market DesignBossaerts, P., Bowman, E., Fattinger, F., Huang, H., Lee, M., Murawski, C., Suthakar, A., Tang, S. and Yadav, N.Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance[2024]
Inferring Trade-Offs in University Admissions: Evidence from CambridgeBhattacharya, D. and Shvets, J.Journal of Political Economy, accepted[2024]
Do Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Models Explain the Dynamics of Stock Market Returns?Ashby, M. and Linton, O. B. Journal of Risk and Financial Management[2024]
Does Competition Increase Pass-Through?Ritz, R.RAND Journal of Economics[2024]
Incorporating Social Welfare in Program-Evaluation and Treatment ChoiceBhattacharya, D. and Komarova, T.Review of Economics and Statistics, accepted[2024]
Religion, Covid-19 and Mental HealthBahal, G., Iyer, S., Shastry, K., and Shrivastava, A.European Economic Review[2023]
Building Bridges to Peace: A Quantitative Evaluation of Power-Sharing AgreementsMueller, H. and Rauh, C. Economic Policy, accepted[2024]
Do Fossil Fuel Firms Reframe Online Climate and Sustainability Communication? A Data-Driven AnalysisDebnath, R., Ebanks, D., Mohaddes, K., Roulet, T. and Alvarez, R. M. npj Climate Action[2023]
On the Black-White Gaps in Labor Supply and Earnings over the Lifecycle in the USRauh, C. and Valladares-Esteban, A. Review of Economic Dynamics[2023]
Social distancing in networks: A web-based interactive experimentGallo, E., Barak, D. and Langtry, A.Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics[2023]
Efficiency and Equilibrium in Network Games: An ExperimentGallo, E. and Yan, C.Review of Economics and Statistics[2023]
Building an Alliance to Map Global Supply NetworksPichler, A., Diem, C., Brintrup, A., Lafond, F., Magerman, G., Buiren, G., Choi, T., Carvalho, V. M., Farmer, J. and Thurner, S. Science[2023]
Dynamic Autoregressive Liquidity (DArLiQ)Hafner, C. M., Linton, O. B. and Wang, L. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics[2023]
Harnessing human and machine intelligence for planetary-level climate actionDebnath, R., Creutzig F., Sovacool, B.K. and Shuckburgh, E. npj Climate Action[2023]
Rising Temperatures, Falling Ratings: The Effect of Climate Change on Sovereign CreditworthinessKlusak, P., Agarwala, M., Burke, M., Kraemer, M. and Mohaddes, K. Management Science[2023]
Social Positioning Theory and Quantum MechanicsLawson, T.Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, forthcoming[2023]
Capability Accumulation and Conglomeratization in the Information AgeChen, J., Elliott, M. and Koh, A. Journal of Economic Theory[2023]
Score-Driven Models for Realized VolatilityHarvey, A. C. and Palumbo, D.Journal of Econometrics, to appear[2023]
Not so smart? “Smart” drugs increase the level but decrease the quality of cognitive effortBowman, E., Coghill, D., Murawski, C. and Bossaerts, P.Science Advances[2023]
Brokerage Rents and Intermediation NetworksChoi, S., Goyal, S. and Moisan, F. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America[2023]
Nonparametric Approaches to Empirical Welfare AnalysisBhattacharya, D.Journal of Economic Literature[2024]
Modeling Circular Time SeriesHarvey, A. C., Hurn, S., Palumbo, D. and Thiele, S.Journal of Econometrics, to appear[2023]
Economic Factors Underlying Biodiversity LossDasgupta, P. and Levin, S.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B[2023]
Deciding When to Decide: Collective Deliberation and ObstructionAnesi, V. and Safronov, M.International Economic Review[2023]
Demand and Welfare Analysis in Discrete Choice Models with Social InteractionsBhattacharya, D., Dupas, P. and Kanaya, S.Review of Economic Studies[2023]
The Human Person, the Human Social Individual and Community InteractionsLawson, T.Cambridge Journal of Economics[2023]
Learning by Choosing: Career Concerns with Observable ActionsKe, T. T., Li, C. and Safronov, M.American Economic Journal: Microeconomics[2023]
Lethal Heatwaves are Challenging India’s Sustainable DevelopmentDebnath, R., Bardhan, R. and Bell, M. L.PLOS Climate[2023]
Dynamic Tobit ModelsHarvey, A. C. and Liao, Y.Econometrics and Statistics[2023]
Common Short Selling and Excess Comovement: Evidence from a Sample of LSE StocksGeraci, M. V., Gnabo, J-Y. and Veredas, D. Journal of Financial Markets[2023]
More than Words: Leaders' Speech and Risky Behavior During a PandemicAjzenman, N., Cavalcanti, T. and Da Mata, D American Economic Journal: Economic Policy[2023]
Learning in Networks: An Experiment on Large Networks with Real-World FeaturesChoi, S., Goyal, S., Moisan, F. and To, Y. Y. T. Management Science[2023]
Foreign Vulnerabilities, Domestic Risks: The Global Drivers of GDP-at-RiskLloyd, S., Manuel, E. and Panchev, K. IMF Economic Review[2023]
From Theory to Practice: Determining Emissions in Traded Goods Under a Border Carbon AdjustmentMehling, M. A. and Ritz, R.Oxford Review of Economic Policy[2023]
A Simple Joint Model for Returns, Volatility and Volatility of VolatilityDing, Y. Journal of Econometrics[2023]

Papers and Publications

Recent Publications

Bhattacharya, D. and Shvets, J. Inferring Trade-Offs in University Admissions: Evidence from Cambridge Journal of Political Economy, accepted [2024]

Huffman, D., Raymond, C. and Shvets, J. Persistent Overconfidence and Biased Memory: Evidence from Managers American Economic Review [2022]

Ke, T. T., Li, C. and Safronov, M. Learning by Choosing: Career Concerns with Observable Actions American Economic Journal: Microeconomics [2023]

Ritz, R. Does Competition Increase Pass-Through? Rand Journal of Economics [2024]