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Faculty of Economics


ResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchers Leonie Baumann - INET Research Associate
Juan Block - INET Research Associate
Partha Dasgupta - Emeritus Professor, Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics
Matthew Elliott - University Lecturer
Aytek Erdil - University Lecturer
Robert Evans - Professor
Edoardo Gallo - University Lecturer
Rupert Gatti - College Lecturer (Trinity College)
Sanjeev Goyal - Chair of the Faculty, Professor of Economics
Thomas Greve - University Lecturer
Christopher Harris - Professor of Economics
Claudia Herresthal - Research Associate
Abhimanyu Khan - INET Research Associate
Roman Kozhan - University Lecturer
Frederic Moisan - Research Associate
Sonje Reiche - University Lecturer
Robert Ritz - University Lecturer
Hamid Sabourian - Professor of Economics and Game Theory
Mikhail Safronov - INET Research Associate
Flavio Toxvaerd - University Lecturer

PhD Students

William Carpenter
Jin Deng Keith Chan
Sihua Ding
Alex Harris
Tristan Hennig
Sirikorn Puangjit
Bartosz Redlicki
Alan Walsh
PhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD Students

Research Grants

  • A Platform For Interactive Online Experiments (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Gallo, E.
  • The Internet And Price Competition In Retail Markets Within The Eu (ESRC) - Gatti, J.
  • Price Comparison Sites And Competition (ESRC) - Gatti, J.
  • Influencing The Influencers: A Theory Of Strategic Diffusion (ESRC) - Goyal, S.
  • Complexity-Net: Resilience And Interaction Of Networks In Ecology And Economics (Resinee) (EPSRC) - Goyal, S.
  • Research Seminars: Seminars On Networks (ESRC) - Goyal, S.
  • Ibsen- Bridging The Gap From Individual Behaviour To The Socio-Technical Man (ECH2020 FUTURE & EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES (FET)) - Goyal, S.
  • Herding In Financial Markets (ESRC) - Sabourian, H.
  • Mid-Career Fellowship: The Economics Of Infectious Disease (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Toxvaerd, F.

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

  • Social Networks Structure and Economic Outcomes (JHLF) - Gallo, E.
  • UbiquityLab: A platform for large-scale online experiments with real-time interactions among participants * (JHLK) - Gallo, E.
  • Experiments on Financial Networks (JHLB) - Goyal, S. Research Output
  • Experiments on 'Networked Markets' (JHLR) - Goyal, S.
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Published Papers

OPEC vs US shale: Analyzing the shift to a market-share strategy Behar, A. and Ritz, R.Energy economics (2017)
Dynamic limit pricing Toxvaerd, F.M.O.The RAND Journal of Economics (2017)
Networks, markets and inequality Gagnon, J. and Goyal, S.American Economic Review (2017)
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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

TitleAuthorsCWPE NumberYear
A system operator's utility function for the frequency response market Greve, T. and Teng, F. and Pollitt, M. and Strbac, G.CWPE1728 (2017)
Socially Embedded Preferences, Environmental Externalities, and Reproductive Rights Dasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P.CWPE1724 (2017)
Integration and Segregation Goyal, S., Hernández, P., Martínez-Cánovasz, G., Moisan, F., Muñoz-Herrera, M. and Sánchez, A.CWPE1721 (2017)
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Microeconomic Theory Research Group

Faculty Events

14 Jun

Recent Publications

Gagnon, J. and Goyal, S. Networks, markets and inequality American Economic Review [2017]

Greve, T., Pollitt, M. Determining the optimal length of regulatory guarantee: a length-of-contract auction Economic Journal [2016]

Latest CWPE


Networks and Markets, Goyal, S.


Oligopolistic competition and welfare, Ritz, Robert A.


Birth and Death, Dasgupta, P.