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Faculty of Economics


ResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchers Toke Aidt - University Reader
William Brown - Montague Burton Professor of Industrial Relations
Yujiang River Chen - College Lecturer (St Catharine's College)
Meredith Crowley - University Lecturer
Pauline Goyal-Rutsaert - College Teaching Officer (Homerton College)
Felix Grey - Research Associate
Juliana Guimaraes Cavalcanti - College Lecturer in Economics (Homerton College)
Lu Han - Research Associate
Sriya Iyer - Affiliated Lecturer and Janeway Fellow in Economics
Pramila Krishnan - University Senior Lecturer
Kai Liu - University Lecturer
Hamish Low - Professor of Economics
Kaivan Munshi - Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics
David Newbery - Emeritus Professor and
Director of The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)
Jamil Nur - Research Associate
Gabriella Santangelo - University Lecturer
Julia Shvets - College Lecturer (Christ's College)
Coen Teulings - Montague Burton Chair of Labour Economics and Industrial Relation
Bjorn Wallace - University Lecturer

PhD Students

Yujiang (River) Chen
Oliver Exton
Alice Kuegler
Su-Min Lee
John Spray
Tomasz Zawisza
Peng Zhang
PhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD Students

Research Grants

  • Voting Rights And Public Policy (ESRC) - Aidt, T. S.
  • Esrc - Large Grant (T. Aidt - University Of Birmingham Lead) (UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM (FB ESRC)) - Aidt, T. S.
  • Riots And The Great Reform Act Of 1832 (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Aidt, T
  • The Future Of Collectivism In The Regulation Of The Employment Relationship And Pay In Britain (ESRC) - Brown, W. A.
  • Basis And Characteristics Of Mutually Benefical Employer/Trade Union Relations (ESRC) - Brown, W. A.
  • The Protection Of Labour Standards In A Global Economy (LEVERHULME TRUST) - Brown, W. A.
  • The impact of trade policy and exchange rate shocks on trade (ESRC) - Crowley, M.
  • Innovation And The Resilience Of Religion (METANEXUS INSTITUTE ON RELIGION AND SCIENCE) - Iyer, S.
  • Modernizing The Madrasa In India (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Iyer, S.
  • Endogenous Network Formation And Informal Networks In Village Economies (NUFFIELD FOUNDATION) - Krishnan, P.
  • Endogenous Network Formation And Informal Networks In Village Economies (ESRC) - Krishnan, P.
  • Aspirations And Poverty Traps: Investigating The Impact Of Interventions On Youth In The Slums Of Bombay (NUFFIELD FOUNDATION) - Krishnan, P.
  • Self-Insurance And Social Insurance Over The Life-Cycle (ESRC) - Low, H.
  • The Economics Of Stigma: Community-Level Determinants And Consequences For Health (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Munshi, K.
  • Organisation, Competition And Regulation In The British Railway Industry (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Road Pricing And Urban Congestion Costs (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Efficient And Sustainable Regulation And Competition In Network Industries (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • The Internet And Price Competition In Retail Markets Within The Eu (EPSRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Promoting Innovation And Productivity In Electricity Markets (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only)) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Price Comparison Sites And Competition: The Internet Connectivity Market (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Specific Support Action: Sessa (Sustainable Specific Support Assessment) (EC FP6 OTHER) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Electricity Policy Forum (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only)) - Newbery, D. M.
  • The Electricity Policy Research Group (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Cessa - Coordinating Energy Security Of Supply Actions (EC FW6 CA) - Newbery, D. M.
  • British Academy Small Grant Bid - Karsten Neuhoff (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Newbery, D. M.

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

  • Political Representation, Market Failure and Public Policy: A Long-run Study of the United Kingdom (JHOA) - Aidt, T.
  • Market Failures and State Successes in Public Health and Highways 1830-1912 (JHOM) - Aidt, T., Shaw-Taylor, L. and Davenport, R.
  • Risk and Return in Human Capital Investments (JHOJ) - Liu, K.
  • Individual response to risk over the business cycle (JHLE) - Low, H. W. Research Output
  • Micro to Macro: "Understanding the aggregate implications of individual behaviour under uncertainty" (JHOL) - Low, H. W.
  • The Economic Consequences of Marriage-Market Inefficiency: Gender Inequality and Human Capital Accumulation in a Transition Economy (JHLL) - Munshi, K.
  • Understanding differences in performance of managers (JHLX) - Shvets, J. and Huffman, D.
  • Residential Land Prices and the Growth of Cities (JHOD) - Teulings, C.
  • Do Inventions Respond to Changes in Economic Incentives? (JHLT) - Kuegler, A. Research Output
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Published Papers

The Use of Structural Models in Econometrics Low, H. and Meghir, C.Journal of Economic Perspectives (2017)
Life-Cycle and Intergenerational Effects of Child Care Reforms Chan, M. K. and Liu, K.forthcoming in Quantitative Economics (2017)
From open to secret ballot: vote buying and modernization Aidt, T.S. and Jensen,P.S.Comparative Political Studies (2017)
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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

TitleAuthorsCWPE NumberYear
Reorganise, Replace or Expand? The role of the supply-chain in first-time exporting Spray, J.CWPE1741 (2017)
Slamming the door on trade policy discretion? The WTO Appellate Body's ruling on market distortions and production costs in EU-Biodiesel (Argentina) Crowley, M. and Hillman, J.CWPE1739 (2017)
Corporate lobbying for environmental protection Grey, F.CWPE1732 (2017)
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Empirical Microeconomics Research Group

Erik Hurst
(Chicago Booth)
Tuesday 22nd May 2018 1:00pm
Meade Room,
Achyuta Adhvaryu
(University of Michigan)
Tuesday 8th May 2018 1:00pm
Meade Room,

Faculty Events

21 Nov

10 Jul

Recent Publications

Low, H. and Pistaferri, L. Disability insurance and the dynamics of the incentive-insurance tradeoff American Economic Review [2015]

Cesarani, D., Lindqvist, E., Ostling, R. and Wallace, B. Wealth, health, and child development: evidence from administrative data on Swedish lottery players Quarterly Journal of Economics [2016]

Munshi, K. and Rosenzweig, M. Networks and misallocation: insurance, migration, and the rural-urban wage gap American Economic Review [2016]

Latest CWPE


The economics of air pollution from fossil fuels, Newbery, D.


The long-run equilibrium impact of intermittent renewables on wholesale electricity prices, Newbery, D. M.


The Empirical Landscape of Trade Policy, Bown, C. and Crowley, M.