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Faculty of Economics


ResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchersResearchers Toke Aidt - University Reader
William Brown - Montague Burton Professor of Industrial Relations
Yujiang River Chen - College Lecturer (St Catharine's College)
Meredith Crowley - University Lecturer
Pauline Goyal-Rutsaert - College Teaching Officer (Homerton College)
Felix Grey - William Cook Fellow in Economics
Juliana Guimaraes Cavalcanti - College Lecturer in Economics (Homerton College)
Lu Han - Research Associate
Sriya Iyer - Affiliated Lecturer and Janeway Fellow in Economics
Kai Liu - University Lecturer
Hamish Low - Professor of Economics
Kaivan Munshi - Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics
David Newbery - Emeritus Professor and
Director of The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)
Jamil Nur - Research Associate
Gabriella Santangelo - University Lecturer
Julia Shvets - Senior College Lecturer (Christ's College)
Coen Teulings - Affiliated Lecturer
Bjorn Wallace - Fellow and College Lecturer (Selwyn College)

PhD Students

Oliver Exton
Su-Min Lee
John Spray
Peng Zhang
PhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD StudentsPhD Students

Research Grants

  • Voting Rights And Public Policy (ESRC) - Aidt, T. S.
  • Esrc - Large Grant (T. Aidt - University Of Birmingham Lead) (UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM (FB ESRC)) - Aidt, T. S.
  • Riots And The Great Reform Act Of 1832 (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Aidt, T
  • The Future Of Collectivism In The Regulation Of The Employment Relationship And Pay In Britain (ESRC) - Brown, W. A.
  • Basis And Characteristics Of Mutually Benefical Employer/Trade Union Relations (ESRC) - Brown, W. A.
  • The Protection Of Labour Standards In A Global Economy (LEVERHULME TRUST) - Brown, W. A.
  • The impact of trade policy and exchange rate shocks on trade (ESRC) - Crowley, M.
  • Innovation And The Resilience Of Religion (METANEXUS INSTITUTE ON RELIGION AND SCIENCE) - Iyer, S.
  • Modernizing The Madrasa In India (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Iyer, S.
  • Self-Insurance And Social Insurance Over The Life-Cycle (ESRC) - Low, H.
  • The Economics Of Stigma: Community-Level Determinants And Consequences For Health (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Munshi, K.
  • Organisation, Competition And Regulation In The British Railway Industry (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Road Pricing And Urban Congestion Costs (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Efficient And Sustainable Regulation And Competition In Network Industries (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • The Internet And Price Competition In Retail Markets Within The Eu (EPSRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Promoting Innovation And Productivity In Electricity Markets (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only)) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Price Comparison Sites And Competition: The Internet Connectivity Market (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Specific Support Action: Sessa (Sustainable Specific Support Assessment) (EC FP6 OTHER) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Electricity Policy Forum (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only)) - Newbery, D. M.
  • The Electricity Policy Research Group (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Cessa - Coordinating Energy Security Of Supply Actions (EC FW6 CA) - Newbery, D. M.
  • British Academy Small Grant Bid - Karsten Neuhoff (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Newbery, D. M.

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

  • Political Representation, Market Failure and Public Policy: A Long-run Study of the United Kingdom (JHOA) - Aidt, T.
  • Market Failures and State Successes in Public Health and Highways 1830-1912 (JHOM) - Aidt, T., Shaw-Taylor, L. and Davenport, R.
  • Credit Constraints and Optimal Price Setting in International Markets (JHOR) - Crowley, M. and Corsetti, G.
  • How Important are Religious Organisations as Insurance? (JHOT) - Iyer, S., Cavalcanti, T.V.D and Rauh, C.
  • Risk and Return in Human Capital Investments (JHOJ) - Liu, K.
  • Individual response to risk over the business cycle (JHLE) - Low, H. W. Research Output
  • Micro to Macro: "Understanding the aggregate implications of individual behaviour under uncertainty" (JHOL) - Low, H. W.
  • The Economic Consequences of Marriage-Market Inefficiency: Gender Inequality and Human Capital Accumulation in a Transition Economy (JHLL) - Munshi, K.
  • Understanding differences in performance of managers (JHLX) - Shvets, J. and Huffman, D. Project Summary and Output
  • Residential Land Prices and the Growth of Cities (JHOD) - Teulings, C.
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Published Papers

The Big Five personality traits and partisanship in England Aidt, T. and Rauh, C.Electoral Studies (2018)
Slamming the door on trade policy discretion? The WTO appellate body's ruling on market distortions and production costs in EU-Biodiesel (Argentina) Crowley, M.A. and Hillman, J.A.World Trade Review (2018)
Diagnostic pathways and direct medical costs incurred by new adult pulmonary tuberculosis patients prior to anti-tuberculosis treatment - Tamil Nadu, India Veesa, K.S., John, K.R., Moonan, P.K., Kaliappan, S.P., Manjunath, K., Sagili, K.D., Ravichandra, C., Menon, P.A., Dolla, C., Luke, N., Munshi, K., George, K., and Minz, S.PloS ONE (2018)
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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

TitleAuthorsCWPE NumberYear
Understanding the challenges to the world trading system Crowley, M.CWPE1825 (2018)
Marriage, Labor Supply and the Dynamics of the Social Safety Net Low, L., Meghir, C., Pistaferri, L., Voena, A.CWPE1817 (2018)
Designing an electricity wholesale market to accommodate significant renewables penetration: Lessons from Britain Newbery, D.CWPE1756 (2017)
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Empirical Microeconomics Research Group

Recent Publications

Cesarani, D., Lindqvist, E., Ostling, R. and Wallace, B. Wealth, health, and child development: evidence from administrative data on Swedish lottery players Quarterly Journal of Economics [2016]

Munshi, K. and Rosenzweig, M. Networks and misallocation: insurance, migration, and the rural-urban wage gap American Economic Review [2016]

Fruehwirth, J., Iyer, S. and Zhang, A. Religion and Depression in Adolescence Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming [2018]

Latest CWPE


Designing an electricity wholesale market to accommodate significant renewables penetratio..., Newbery, D.


The economics of air pollution from fossil fuels, Newbery, D.


Tariff Scares: Trade policy uncertainty and foreign market entry by Chinese firms, Crowley, M., Song, H., Meng, N.