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Faculty of Economics

Rating the Competition: Seller Ratings and Intra-Platform Competition
Charlson, G. (2021)

Keywords: Networks, strategic interaction, network games, interventions, industrial organisation, platforms
JEL Codes: D40 L10 L40

A Simulation Study of How Religious Fundamentalism Takes Root
Friedman, D., Fan, J., Gair, J., Iyer, S., Redlicki, B. and Velu, C. (2020)

Keywords: Fundamentalism, Club Goods, Agent-based Models
JEL Codes: Z12 D79 D85 H49

Systemic Risk-Shifting in Financial Networks
Elliott, M., Georg, C-P. and Hazell, J. (2020)

Keywords: financial networks, asset correlation, contagion
JEL Codes: G21 G11 D85

Large Scale Experiments on Networks: A New Platform with Applications
Choi, S., Goyal, G. and Moisan, F. (2020)

JEL Codes: C92 D83 D85 Z13

Tracking the COVID-19 Crisis with High-Resolution Transaction Data
Carvalho, V. M., Garcia, J. R., Hansen, S., Ortiz, Á., Rodrigo, T., Rodríguez Mora, J. V.and Ruiz, J. (2020)

On the Influence of Top Journals
Ductor, L., Goyal, S., van der Leij, M. and Paez, G. N. (2020)

Keywords: research impact, Top 5 journals, academic publishing, citations
JEL Codes: A14 D85

Supply Network Formation and Fragility
Elliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. (2020)

Searching for Results: Optimal Platform Design in a Network Setting
Charlson, G. (2020)

Keywords: networks, platforms, industrial organisation, network design, games on networks
JEL Codes: D20 L20

Choi, S., Goyal, S. and Moisan, F. (2020)

JEL Codes: C92 D83 D85 Z13

A Model of Weighted Network Formation
Baumann, L. (2019)

Keywords: weighted networks, network formation, link-specific investment
JEL Codes: D85 L14 Z13 C72

Games on Multi-Layer Networks
Walsh, A. M. (2019)

Keywords: Multi-layer networks, network games, public goods
JEL Codes: D85 C72 H41

Trading in Complex Networks
Cardoso, F. M., Gracia-Lázaro, C., Moisan, F., Goyal, S., Sánchez, A. and Moreno, Y. (2019)

Connectors and Influencers
Choi, S., Goyal, S. and Moisan, F. (2019)

JEL Codes: C92 D83 D85 Z13

Demand Cycles and Heterogeneous Conformity Preferences
Baumann, L. (2019)

Keywords: fashion cycle, demand cycle, conformity, individuality, dynamics, distribution of demand
JEL Codes: C73 D11 D91 E21 E32 E71 Z13

Economic Shocks and Temple Desecrations in Medieval India
Ticku, R., Shrivastava, A. and Iyer, S. (2018)

Keywords: Religious repression, Regime stability, Weather shocks, Temple desecration
JEL Codes: D74 N35 N45

Community Networks and the Growth of Private Enterprise in China
Dai, R., Mookherjee, D., Munshi, K. and Zhang, X. (2018)

Keywords: Community Networks, Entrepreneurship, Misallocation, Institutions, Growth and Development
JEL Codes: J12 J16 D31 I30



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