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Research Interests

Macroeconomic theory, macro-finance, expectations, networks


PhD from London Business School (2002); Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR); Member of the Centre for Macroeconomics (CFM); ESRC Grant on 'Macroeconomic policy and learning dynamics' (2005-2008).

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Arrondel, L., Calvo-Pardo, H., Giannitsarou, C. and Haliassos, M. Informative Social Interactions, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization vol 203 (2022) pp. 246-263
Conforti, C., Berndt, J., Pilehvar, M. T., Giannitsarou, C., Toxvaerd, F. and Collier, N. Incorporating Stock Market Signals for Twitter Stance Detection, Proceedings of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers) (2022) pp. 4074-4091
Anagnostopoulos, A., Atesagaoglu, O. E., Faraglia, E. and Giannitsarou, C. Cross-Country Stock Market Comovement: A Macro Perspective, Journal of Monetary Economics vol 130 (2022) pp. 34-48
Giannitsarou, C., Kissler, S. and Toxvaerd, F.M.O. Waning Immunity and the Second Wave: Some Projections for SARS-CoV-2, American Economic Review: Insights vol 3 no. 3 (2021) pp. 321-338
Conforti, C., Berndt, J., Pilehvar, M. T., Giannitsarou, C., Toxvaerd, F. and Collier, N. Adversarial Training for News Stance Detection: Leveraging Signals from a Multi-Genre Corpus, Proceedings of the EACL Hackashop on News Media Content Analysis and Automated Report Generation (2020) pp. 1-7

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Giannitsarou, C., Kissler, S., Toxvaerd, F.M.O. Waning Immunity and the Second Wave: Some Projections for SARS-COV-2, (2020) CWPE20126
Amano-Patiño, N., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. and Hasna, Z. The Unequal Effects of Covid-19 on Economists' Research Productivity, (2020) CWPE2038
Arrondel, L., Calvo-Pardo, H., Giannitsarou, C., Haliassos, M. Informative Social Interactions, (2019) CWPE1911
Anagnostopoulos, A., Atesagaoglu, O., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. Foreign Direct Investment as a Determinant of Cross-Country Stock Market Comovement, (2019) CWPE1978

Recent Activities

Productivity survey for Project CAPER
The Faculty's Prof. Chryssi Giannitsarou has sent out a survey in Qualtrics Cambridge for her ongoing research project on Covid-19 and academic productivity in economics research. Please do respond if you receive an invite.
Published on - Wednesday 8th June 2022

Cambridge Economics Alumni Webinar Series: Investment in a changing world
In this webinar, Professor Tiago Cavalcanti outlined the importance of understanding the economic impact of climate change mitigation policies for adoption of such policies that reduce emissions and transition a country towards a low-carbon future. Then, Professor Chryssi Giannitsarou discussed the link between the rise in cross-country stock market correlations and the increase in foreign direct investments across the world.
Published on - Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Academic Gender Gap Widens During Pandemic
In the first weeks of the pandemic, the submission of articles to journals by women, fell dramatically more than their male counterparts.
Published on - Wednesday 21st July 2021

Has the Pandemic Changed Research Culture – and is it for the better?
Times Higher Education has quoted the research by Dr. Amano-Patiño, Dr. Faraglia, Dr. Giannitsarou and Zeina Hasna, into how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inequalities for women and junior academics.
Published on - Thursday 15th April 2021

International Women's Day 2021 - Bridging the Gender Gap
As part of International Women's Day, Dr. Chryssi Giannitsarou will be a guest speaker at the University College Dublin (UCD) webinar, "Bridging the gender gap: Research and responses to COVID-19".
Published on - Friday 5th March 2021

Research Grants

Togetherness: The Increase in Global Stock Market Correlations (British Academy)
Macroeconomic Policy And Learning Dynamics (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Giannitsarou, C., Financial Decisions: The Role of Information Through Social Networks ** (JHLQ)
Giannitsarou, C., Toxvaerd, F. and Collier, N., Mapping of Rumours and Information Diffusion (JHOQ)
Amano-Patiño, N., Faraglia, E. and Giannitsarou, C., Covid-19 and Academic Productivity in Economic Research (JHVS)
Crowley, M., Faraglia, E. and Giannitsarou, C., Adapting to Brexit: Foreign Subsidiaries and UK-EU Trade (JHVX)
Giannitsarou, C. and Faraglia, E., Trade and Financial Reallocation: Evidence from Brexit (JHWN)

**co-finance with CERF

COVID-19 Economic Research

Special Feature: The Unequal Effects of COVID-19 on Economists' Research Productivity


PI Paper 2 - Michaelmas - Macroeconomic Principles I
PIIB Paper 6 - Michaelmas - Finance & Asset Pricing

PhD Students


Yiming Xu
PhD Title: Expected stock returns and capital misallocation in production networks
Radu Cristea
PhD Title:
Research: Adopting the Euro: Curse or Blessing? Exploring the optimal policy mix
Niklas Schmitz
PhD Title:
Research: Empirical Macroeconomics
Lea Havemeister
PhD Title:
Research: Monetary Policy, Firm Dynamics, Macro-Finance
Benedikt Kagerer
PhD Title:
Research: Geopolitical Risk, Empirical Finance, Macroeconomic Policy


Naoki Yago
PhD Title:
Research: Macroeconomics, International Macro and Finance, Monetary Economics, and Macro-Finance

Professor Chryssi Giannitsarou

Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance

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