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Research Interests

Dynamic Games, Dynamic Contracts

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Harris, C. and Laibson, D. Instantaneous gratification, (2013) Quarterly Journal of Economics
Harris, C., Howison, S. and Sircar, R. Games with exhaustible resources, (2010) SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics
Sparrow, C., van Strien, S. and Harris, C. Fictitious play in games: The transition between periodic and chaotic behaviour, (2008) Games and Economic Behavior

Chapter in Book

Anand, S. , Harris, C. , Linton, O. On ultrapoverty , (2008) in the book: Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen - Oxford University Press

Recent Activities

Cambridge-INET Symposium on Contagion - Publication Date: 2015-02-02
This symposium brings together researchers working on different aspects of contagion from different perspectives, in order to explore common features and foster cross-pollination. Speakers will present work drawn from economics and finance, biology, computer science, network science and public health.


PIIB Paper 4 - Lent - General Equilibrium and Finance
M140 - Behavioural Economics
F400 - Asset Pricing

Professor Christopher Harris

Professor of Economics

Research Group:
Microeconomic Theory

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