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Faculty of Economics

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics (CWPE) is a series of papers from the Faculty of Economics and the series is one of many Working Papers series made available through REPEC (Research Papers in Economics). [Note: The CWPE series supersedes the DAE Working Paper series.]

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[Please note the Working Papers often represent early stages in the presentation of research findings, and should not be quoted without permission.

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Recent Papers

Title Authors CWPE Number Year
On the impact of government-initiated CfD’s in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P.CWPE1901 [2019]
On entry cost dynamics in Australia’s National Electricity MarketSimshauser, P., Gilmore, J.CWPE1875 [2018]
Identifying Global and National Output and Fiscal Policy Shocks Using a GVARChudik, A.,Pesaran, H., Mohaddes, K.CWPE1874 [2018]
Robust Tests for Convergence Clubs Corrado, L., Stengos, T., Weeks, M., Ege Yazgan, M.CWPE1873 [2018]
Pricing in Day-Ahead Electricity Markets with Near-Optimal Unit CommitmentEldridge, B., O’Neill, R., Hobbs, B.CWPE1872 [2018]
Restructuring the Chinese Electricity Supply Sector - How industrial electricity prices are determined in a liberalized power market: lessons from Great BritainPollitt, M., Dale, L.CWPE1871 [2018]

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CWPE Archive

Latest CWPE


Unintended consequences: The snowball effect of energy communities, Abada, I., Ehrenmann, A., Lambin, X.


Utilities Governance, Incentives, and Performance: Evidence from the Water Sector in India, Nyathikala, S., Jamasb, T., Llorca, M., Kulshrestha, M.


Regulated electricity networks, investment mistakes in retrospect and stranded assets unde..., Simshauser, P., Akimov, A.


Institutions and Performance of Regulated Firms: Evidence from Electric Utilities in the I..., Jamasb, T., Llorca, M., Khetrapal, P., Thakur, T.