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Faculty of Economics

Title Authors Journal Year
The Meaningful Votes: Voting on Brexit in the British House of CommonsAidt, T., Grey, F., Savu, A.Public Choice, accepted[2020]
Modeling time series when some observations are zeroHarvey, A. C. and Ito, R. Journal of Econometrics[2020]
Government Debt management: the Short and the Long of itFaraglia, E., Marcet, A., Oikonomou, R. and Scott, A.Review of Economic Studies[2019]
Efficiency and stability under substitutable priorities with tiesErdil, A. and Kumano, T.Journal of Economic Theory[2019]
Dependent Microstructure Noise and Integrated Volatility: Estimation from High-Frequency DataLi, Z. M., Laeven, R. J. A. and Vellekoop, M. H.Journal of Econometrics, accepted[2019]
Improved Density and Distribution Function EstimationOryshchenko, V. and Smith, R. J.Electronic Journal of Statistics[2019]
Money’s Relation to Debt: some problems with MMT’s conception of moneyLawson, T.Real-World Economics Review[2019]
Narrow IdentitiesDasgupta, P. and Goyal, S.Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics[2019]
Society and Economy: Frameworks and Principles: A Book ReviewGoyal, S.Journal of Economic Literature[2019]
What can we learn from a race with one runner? A comment on Foreman-Peck and Zhou, ‘Late marriage as a contributor to the industrial revolution in England’Edwards, J. and S. Ogilvie.The Economic History Review [2019]
Efficient estimation of nonparametric regression in the presence of dynamic heteroskedasticityLinton, O. and Xiao, Z.Journal of Econometrics[2019]
Theorizing the Digital ObjectFaulkner, P. and Runde, J.MIS Quarterly[2019]
Strong Links Promote the Emergence of Cooperative ElitesGallo, E., Riyanto, Y. E., Teh, T. and Roy, N.Scientific Reports (Nature)[2019]
Self-Fulfilling Recessions at the Zero Lower BoundBrendon, C., Paustian, M. and Yates, T.Journal of Monetary Economics[2019]
Ramsey and Intergenerational Welfare EconomicsDasgupta, P.,Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy[2019]
Production Networks: A PrimerCarvalho, V. M. and Tahbaz-Salehi, A.Annual Review of Economics[2019]
Addressing self-disconnection among prepayment energy consumers: A behavioural approachRocha, M., Baddeley, M., Pollitt, M. and Weeks, M.Energy Economics[2019]
Children's work and wages in Britain, 1280-1860Horrell, S. & Humphries, J.Explorations in Economic History[2019]
A new semiparameteric estimation approach for large dynamic covariance matrices with multiple conditioning variablesChen, J., Li, D., & Linton, O.Journal of Econometrics[2019]
What Drives Enrollment Gaps in Further Education? The Role of Beliefs in Sequential Schooling DecisionsBelfield, C., Boneva, T., Rauh, C. and Shaw, J.Economica[2019]
Fixed-Effect Regressions on Network DataJochmans, K., and Weidner, M.Econometrica[2019]
Large Firm Dynamics and the Business CycleCarvalho, V. M. and Grassi, B.American Economic Review[2019]
Applied welfare analysis for discrete choice with interval-data on incomeLee, Y-Y. and Bhattacharya, D.Journal of Econometrics[2019]
Competitive contagion in networksGoyal, S., Heidari, H. and Kearns, M.Games and Economic Behavior[2019]
A network approach to public goodsElliott, M. and Golub, B.Journal of Political Economy[2018]
The impact of the 1932 General Tariff: a difference-in-difference approachLloyd, S.P. and Solomou, S.Cliometrica[2019]
Rational Disinhibition and Externalities in PreventionToxvaerd, F. M. O.International Economic Review[2019]
Policy shocks and stock market returns: evidence from Chinese solar panelsCrowley, M. A., Meng, N. and Song, H.Journal of the Japanese and International Economies[2019]
Vote Buying or (Political) Business (Cycles) as Usual?Aidt, T. S., Asatryan, Z., Badalyan, L. and Heinemann, F.Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming[2019]
What motivates and oligarchic elite to democratize? Evidence from the roll call vote on the Great Reform Act of 1832Aidt, T. S. and Franck, R.Journal of Economic History[2019]
Introduction to the special issue: towards a production-centred agendaAndreoni, A., Chang, H. J., Konzelmann, S. and Shipman, A.Cambridge Journal of Economics[2018]
Breaking the Brexit impasse: Achieving a fair, legitimate and democratic outcomeAidt, T.S., Chadha, J.S. and Sabourian, H.National Institute Economic Review[2019]
The political economy of a carbon price floor for power generationNewbery, D. M., Reiner, D. M. and Ritz, R. A.Energy Journal[2019]
Spatial and welfare effects of automated driving: will cities grow, decline or both?Gelauff, G., Ossokina, I., and Teulings, C.Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice[2019]
Winning the oil lottery: the impact of natural resource extraction on growthCavalcanti, T., Da Mata, D. and, Toscani, F.Journal of Economic Growth[2019]
Learning dynamics with social comparisons and limited memoryBlock, J. I., Fudenberg, D. and Levine, D. K.Theoretical Economics[2019]
Financial Frictions, the Great Trade Collapse and International Trade over the Business CycleWatson, A.Open Economies Review[2019]
Population OvershootDasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P.The Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics, forthcoming[2019]
Step away from the zero lower bound: small open economies in a world of secular stagnationCorsetti, G., Mavroeidi, E., Thwaites, G. and Wolf, M.Journal of International Economics[2019]
The political economy of industrial policy: structural interdependencies, policy alignment and conflict managementAndreoni, A. and Chang, H. J.Structural Change and Economic Dynamics[2018]

Papers and Publications

Recent Publications

Jochmans, K., and Weidner, M. Fixed-Effect Regressions on Network Data Econometrica [2019]

Onatski, A. and Wang, C. Alternative Asymptotics for Cointegration Tests in Large VARs Econometrica [2018]

Linton, O. and Xiao, Z. Efficient estimation of nonparametric regression in the presence of dynamic heteroskedasticity Journal of Econometrics [2019]

Lee, Y-Y. and Bhattacharya, D. Applied welfare analysis for discrete choice with interval-data on income Journal of Econometrics [2019]