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Faculty of Economics

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Title Authors CWPE Number Year
From Micro to Macro via Production NetworksCarvalho, V. M.CWPE1467 [2014]
Discrimination Without Taste - How Discrimination can Spillover and PersistRamachandran, R. and Rauh, C.CWPE1466 [2014]
Institutions and the Preservation of Cultural TraitsPrummer, A. and Siedlarek, J.-P.CWPE1465 [2014]
Estimating the Spot Covariation of Asset Prices - Statistical Theory and Empirical EvidenceBibinger, M., Hautsch, N., Malec , P. and Reiss, M.CWPE1464 [2014]
The "Mystery of the Printing Press" Monetary Policy and Self-fulfilling Debt CrisesCorsetti, G. and Dedola, L.CWPE1463 [2014]
Network CognitionDessi, R., Gallo, E. and Goyal, S.CWPE1462 [2014]
Gender, Social Networks And PerformanceLindenlaub, I. and Prummer, A.CWPE1461 [2014]
Categorization and CoordinationDaskalova, V. and Vriend, N.CWPE1460 [2014]
Multivariate Variance Ratio StatisticsHong, S. Y., Linton, O. and Zhang , H. J.CWPE1459 [2014]
Interaction, Protection and EpidemicsGoyal, S. and Vigier, A.CWPE1458 [2014]
Trading in Networks: Theory and ExperimentsCho, S., Galeotti, A. and Goyal, S.CWPE1457 [2014]
Fiscal Policy in an Unemployment CrisisRendahl, P.CWPE1456 [2014]
Winning the Oil Lottery: The Impact of Natural Resource Extraction on GrowthCavalcanti, T. V. D., Da Mata, D. and Toscani, F.CWPE1455 [2014]
The Effect of Fragmentation in Trading on Market Quality in the UK Equity MarketKörber, L., Linton, O. and Vogt, M.CWPE1454 [2014]
The Cross-Quantilogram: Measuring Quantile Dependence and Testing Directional Predictability between Time SeriesHan, H., Linton, O., Oka, T. and Whang, Y.-J.CWPE1452 [2014]
Attack, Defense and Contagion in NetworksGoyal, S. and Vigier, A.CWPE1451 [2014]
How to Defend a Network?Dziubinski, M. and Goyal, S.CWPE1450 [2014]
Integrating Distributed Generation: Regulation and Trends in Three Leading CountriesAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.CWPE1449 [2014]
The Role of Distribution Network Operators in Promoting Cost-Effective Distributed Generation: Lessons from the United States for EuropeAnaya, K. and Pollitt, M.CWPE1448 [2014]
China's road to a global scientific powerhouseGuan, D., Reiner, D. and Liu, Z.CWPE1447 [2014]
What is the target battery cost at which Battery Electric Vehicles are socially cost competitive?Newbery, D.M. and Strbac, G.CWPE1446 [2014]
Reform of the Coal Sector in an Open Economy: The Case of ChinaJi, S., Zhang, Y.-F. and Jamasb, T.CWPE1445 [2014]
Trust and Norwegian-Russian Energy RelationsOzawa, M.CWPE1444 [2014]
The Japanese Electricity System 15 months After March 11th 2011Haarscher, A., Bruner, M., Doblas, J. and Fargere, A.CWPE1443 [2014]
Electricity Demand and Basic Needs: Empirical Evidence from China’s HouseholdsHe, X. and Reiner, D.CWPE1442 [2014]
Promoting or restricting competition?: Regulation of the UK retail residential energy market since 2008Littlechild, S.CWPE1441 [2014]
Does Inflation Slow Long-Run Growth in India?Mohaddes, K. and Raissi, M.CWPE1440 [2014]
Testing against Changing CorrelationHarvey, A. C. and Thiele, S.CWPE1439 [2014]
Assessing Interbank Connectedness Using Transmission Decomposition Techniques: an Application to Eurozone SIFIsMuijsson, C.CWPE1438 [2014]
Has the income share of the middle and upper-middle been stable over time, or is its current homogeneity across the world the outcome of a process of convergence? The 'Palma Ratio' revisited Palma, J. G.CWPE1437 [2014]
The Multiple Impacts of the Exchange Rate on Export Diversification Goya, D.CWPE1436 [2014]
Pro-competitive rationing in multi-unit auctionsHolmberg, P.CWPE1435 [2014]
Incentive Regulation and Utility Benchmarking for Electricity Network SecurityJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.CWPE1434 [2014]
The Final Hurdle?: Security of supply, the Capacity Mechanism and the role of interconnectorsNewbery, D. M. and Grubb, M.CWPE1433 [2014]
Sustainable Electricity Grid Development and the Public: An Economic ApproachTobiasson, W. and Jamasb, T.CWPE1432 [2014]
Communication networks in marketsGallo, E.CWPE1431 [2014]
Strategies for Financing Large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage Power Plants in ChinaLiang, X., Liu, H. and Reiner, D.CWPE1430 [2014]
Trust and European-Russian Energy Cooperation: The Case of Oil and Gas Partnerships and Long-term ContractsOzawa, M.CWPE1429 [2014]
Institutional arrangements for the promotion of regional integration of electricity markets: International ExperienceOseni, M. O. and Pollitt, M.CWPE1428 [2014]
Scotland, Nuclear Energy Policy and Independance Heffron, R. J. and Nuttall, W.CWPE1427 [2014]
The competition assessment framework for the retail energy sector: some concerns about the proposed interpretationLittlechild, S.CWPE1426 [2014]
Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network SecurityJamasb, T. and Nepal, R.CWPE1425 [2014]
Does Weather Have an Impact on Electricity Distribution Efficiency? Evidence from South AmericaAnaya, K. L. and Pollitt, M.CWPE1424 [2014]
Inefficiency persistence and heterogeneity in Colombian electricity distribution utilitiesGalán, J. E. and Pollitt, M.CWPE1423 [2014]
Dynamic Efficiency and Incentive Regulation: An Application to Electricity Distribution NetworksPoudineh, R., Emvalomatis, G. and Jamasb, T. .CWPE1422 [2014]
Supply function equilibria in transportation networksHolmberg, P. and Philpott, A.CWPE1421 [2014]
Disability Insurance and the Dynamics of the Incentive-Insurance TradeoffLow, H. and Pistaferri, L.CWPE1420 [2014]
Shake me the money! Trezzi, R. and Porcelli, F.CWPE1419 [2014]
Fair Weather or Foul? The Macroeconomic Effects of El NiñoCashin, P., Mohaddes, K. and Raissi, M. .CWPE1418 [2014]
The Democratic Window of Opportunity: Evidence from Riots in sub-Saharan AfricaAidt, T. S. and Leon, G.CWPE1417 [2014]
Latin America's social imagination since 1950. From one type of 'absolute certainties' to another - with no (far more creative)'uncomfortable uncertainties' in sight,Palma, J. G.CWPE1416 [2014]
Tests of Policy Ineffectiveness in MacroeconometricsPesaran, H. and Smith, R.CWPE1415 [2014]
How do banks respond to increased funding uncertainty?Ritz, R. A. and Walther, A.CWPE1414 [2014]
A multiple testing approach to the regularisation of large sample correlation matricesBailey , N., Smith, V. and Pesaran, H.CWPE1413 [2014]
Transformed Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Short Dynamic Panel Data Models with interactive effectsHayakawa, K., Smith, V. and Pesaran, H.CWPE1412 [2014]
Public Finances, Business Cycles and Structural Fiscal BalancesLiu , K.CWPE1411 [2014]
Dollar Hegemony and China's EconomyLiu, K.CWPE1410 [2014]
Divine Competition: Religious Organisations and Service Provision in IndiaIyer, S., Velu, C. and Weeks, M.CWPE1409 [2014]
Theory and Practice of GVAR ModelingChudik, A. and Pesaran, H.CWPE1408 [2014]
Uncertainty and Economic Activity: A Global PerspectivePesaran, H., Cesa-Bianchi, A. and Rebucci, A.CWPE1407 [2014]
With God We Trust: Religion, Trust and Cooperation in Large-Scale SocietiesGagnon, J.CWPE1406 [2014]
Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical Power as a case studyRistuccia, C. A. and Solomou, S.CWPE1404 [2014]
Optimal Altruism in Public Good ProvisionHahn, R. and Ritz, R.CWPE1403 [2014]
To Ban or Not to Ban: Foreign Lobbying and Cross National ExternalitiesAidt, T. S. and Hwang, U.CWPE1402 [2014]
Voter suffrage and the political budget cycle: evidence from the London Metropolitan Boroughs 1902-1937Aidt, T. S. and Mooney, G.CWPE1401 [2014]

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A Dynamic Model of Personality, Schooling, and Occupational Choice, Todd, P. E., Zhang, W.