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Faculty of Economics

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Title Authors CWPE Number Year
Great Expectations: Social Distancing in Anticipation of Pharmaceutical InnovationsMakris, M. and Toxvaerd, F.CWPE2097 [2020]
Bottom-up Markup FluctuationsBurstein, A., Carvalho, V. M. and Grassi, B.CWPE2096 [2020]
Workers, Capitalists, and the Government: Fiscal Policy and Income (Re)DistributionCantore, C. and Freund, L. B.CWPE2095 [2020]
Finance as Perpetual Orgy How the ‘new alchemists’ twisted Kindleberger’s cycle of “manias, panics and crashes” into “manias, panics and renewed manias”Palma, J. G.CWPE2094 [2020]
Modelling Demand for ESGAhmed, M. F., Gao, Y. and Satchell, S.CWPE2093 [2020]
Regional Heterogeneity and U.S. Presidential ElectionsAhmed, R. and Pesaran, M. H.CWPE2092 [2020]
China’s Energy Law Draft and the Reform of its Electricity Supply SectorXu, J., Pollitt, M., Xie, B-C., Yang, C-H.CWPE2091 [2020]
An Overall Customer Satisfaction score for GB energy suppliersLittlechild, S.CWPE2090 [2020]
A Simulation Study of How Religious Fundamentalism Takes RootFriedman, D., Fan, J., Gair, J., Iyer, S., Redlicki, B. and Velu, C.CWPE2089 [2020]
A Counterfactual Economic Analysis of Covid-19 Using a Threshold Augmented Multi-Country ModelChudik, A., Mohaddes, K., Pesaran, M. H., Raissi, M. and Rebucci, A.CWPE2088 [2020]
Going beyond default intensities in an EU carbon border adjustment mechanismMehling, M., and Ritz, R.CWPE2087 [2020]
Online reviews and customer satisfaction: The use of Trustpilot by UK retail energy suppliers and three other sectorsLittlechild, S.CWPE2086 [2020]
Learning in a Small/Big WorldLeung, B. T. K.CWPE2085 [2020]
Religion and Discrimination: A Review Essay of Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious FreedomIyer, S.CWPE2084 [2020]
A Markov-Chain Measure of Systemic Banking Crisis FrequencyTambakis, D.CWPE2083 [2020]
Passing on the Baton: Positive Spillovers from the Olympics to Female Representation in US PoliticsLee, S-M.CWPE2082 [2020]
Transport policy for a post-Covid UKNewbery, D.CWPE2081 [2020]
On the Management of Population ImmunityToxvaerd, F. and Rowthorn, R.CWPE2080 [2020]
FurloughingAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2079 [2020]
Generalized linear competition: From pass-through to policyGenakos, C., Grey, F., and Ritz, R.CWPE2078 [2020]
A Portfolio approach to wind and solar deployment in AustraliaChyong, C K., Li, C., Reiner, D., and Roques, F.CWPE2077 [2020]
Slums and PandemicsBrotherhood, L., Cavalcanti, T., Da Mata, D. and Santos, C.CWPE2076 [2020]
Spatial and Spatio-temporal Engle-Granger representations, Networks and Common Correlated EffectsBhattacharjee, A., Ditzen, J. and Holly, S.CWPE2075 [2020]
Obstacles on the Road to School: The Impacts of Mobility Restrictions on Educational PerformanceMiaari, S. and Lee, ICWPE2074 [2020]
The Productivity Puzzle in Network Industries: Evidence from the Energy SectorAjayi, V., Dolphin, G., Anaya, K. and Pollitt, M.CWPE2073 [2020]
Implications of the National Energy and Climate Plans for the Single Electricity Market of the island of IrelandNewbery, D.CWPE2072 [2020]
Investments in Social Ties, Risk Sharing and InequalityAmbrus, A. and Elliott, M.CWPE2071 [2020]
No Holdup in Dynamic MarketsElliott, M. and Talamàs, E.CWPE2070 [2020]
Capability Accumulation and Conglomeratization in the Information AgeChen, J., Elliott, M. and Koh, A.CWPE2069 [2020]
Systemic Risk-Shifting in Financial NetworksElliott, M., Georg, C-P. and Hazell, J.CWPE2068 [2020]
Localised employment spilloversLaws, A.CWPE2067 [2020]
Common Short Selling and Excess ComovementGeraci, M. V., Gnabo, J-Y. and Veredas, D.CWPE2066 [2020]
On Time Trend of COVID-19: A Panel Data StudyDong, C., Gao, J., Linton, O., Peng, B.CWPE2065 [2020]
Nonparametric Euler Equation Identification and EstimationEscanciano, J C., Hoderlein, S., Lewbel, A., Linton, O., Srisuma, S.CWPE2064 [2020]
Large Scale Experiments on Networks: A New Platform with ApplicationsChoi, S., Goyal, G. and Moisan, F.CWPE2063 [2020]
Grounded reality meets machine learning: A deep-narrative analysis framework for energy policy researchDebnath, R., Darby, S., Bardhan, R., Mohaddes, K., Sunikka-Blank, M.CWPE2062 [2020]
The Aggregate Consequences of Default Risk: Evidence from Firm-level DataBesley, T., Roland, I. and Van Reenen, J.CWPE2061 [2020]
A Dynamic Network of Arbitrage CharacteristicsLi, S. and Linton, O.CWPE2060 [2020]
Gravity in International Finance: Evidence From Fees on Equity TransactionsMilsom, L., Pazitka, V., Roland, I. and Wójcik, D.CWPE2059 [2020]
Bank Default Risk Propagation along Supply Chains: Evidence from the U.K.Spatareanu, M., Manole, V., Kabiri, A. and Roland, I.CWPE2058 [2020]
Developing a generic System Dynamics model for building stock transformation towards energy efficiency and low-carbon developmentZhou, W., Moncaster, A., Reiner, D. and Guthrie, P.CWPE2057 [2020]
Do Elite Universities Practise Meritocratic Admissions? Evidence from CambridgeBhattacharya, D. and Rabovic, R.CWPE2056 [2020]
Socially inclusive renewable energy transition in sub-Saharan Africa: A social shaping of technology analysis of appliance uptake in RwandaMuza, O. and Debnath, R.CWPE2055 [2020]
Forecasting Urban Residential Stock Turnover Dynamics using System Dynamics and Bayesian Model AveragingZhou, W., O’Neill, E., Moncaster, A., Reiner D., Guthrie, P.CWPE2054 [2020]
Personality Traits, Job Search and the Gender Wage GapFlinn, C. J., Todd, P. E. and Zhang, W.CWPE2053 [2020]
Herding in Quality Assessment: An Application to Organ TransplantationDe Mel, S., Munshi, K., Reiche, S. and Sabourian, H.CWPE2052 [2020]
The CMA’s assessment of customer detriment in the UK retail energy marketLittlechild, S.CWPE2051 [2020]
Estimation of the Kronecker Covariance Model by Quadratic FormLinton, O. and Tang, H.CWPE2050 [2020]
The Bond Lending Channel of Monetary PolicyDarmouni, O., Giesecke, O. and Rodnyansky, R.CWPE2049 [2020]
Is the NEM broken? Policy discontinuity and the 2017-2020 investment megacycleSimshauser, P. and Gilmore, J.CWPE2048 [2020]
The cost of CO2 abatement from Britain’s only PWR: Sizewell BNewbery, D.CWPE2047 [2020]
The Adaptive Investment Effect: Evidence from Chinese ProvincesMohaddes, K., and Williams, R.CWPE2046 [2020]
Electrification and Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in IndiaSedai, A K., Nepal, R., Jamasb, T.CWPE2045 [2020]
On Green Growth with Sustainable CapitalBasu, P., Jamasb, T.CWPE2044 [2020]
What effect has the 2015 power market reform had on power prices in China? Evidence from Guangdong and ZhejiangXie, B-C., Xu, J.,Pollitt, M.CWPE2043 [2020]
Willingness to Pay for Better Air Quality: The case of ChinaLiu, L-Q., Yin, Z-L., Xie, B-C., Zhou, W.CWPE2042 [2020]
When is the Fiscal Multiplier High? A Comparison of Four Business Cycle PhasesBerge, T., De Ridder, M. and Pfajfar, D.CWPE2041 [2020]
Work Tasks That Can Be Done From Home: Evidence on the Variation Within and Across Occupations and IndustriesAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2040 [2020]
Merchant utilities and boundaries of the firm: vertical integration in energy-only marketsSimshauser, P.CWPE2039 [2020]
The Unequal Effects of Covid-19 on Economists' Research ProductivityAmano-Patiño, N., Faraglia, E., Giannitsarou, C. and Hasna, Z.CWPE2038 [2020]
The Impact of the Coronavirus Lockdown on Mental Health: Evidence from the USAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2037 [2020]
Border Carbon Adjustments and Industrial Competitiveness in a European Green DealEvans, S., Mehling, M., Ritz, R., Sammon, P.CWPE2036 [2020]
Unexpected Effects: Uncertainty, Unemployment, and InflationFreund, L. B. and Rendahl, P.CWPE2035 [2020]
More than Words: Leaders' Speech and Risky Behavior During a PandemicAjzenman, N., Cavalcanti, T. and Da Mata, D.CWPE2034 [2020]
Heteroskedasticity-Robust Inference in Linear Regression Models with Many CovariatesJochmans, K.CWPE2033 [2020]
Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: Evidence from Real Time SurveysAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2032 [2020]
Social Distancing and Supply Disruptions in a PandemicBodenstein, M., Corsetti, G. and Guerrieri, L.CWPE2031 [2020]
Tracking the COVID-19 Crisis with High-Resolution Transaction DataCarvalho, V. M., Garcia, J. R., Hansen, S., Ortiz, Á., Rodrigo, T., Rodríguez Mora, J. V.and Ruiz, J.CWPE2030 [2020]
On the Influence of Top JournalsDuctor, L., Goyal, S., van der Leij, M. and Paez, G. N.CWPE2029 [2020]
Supply Network Formation and FragilityElliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. CWPE2028 [2020]
The Optimal Control of Infectious Diseases via Prevention and TreatmentRowthorn, R. and Toxvaerd, F.M.OCWPE2027 [2020]
The Macroeconomic Stabilization Of Tariff Shocks: What Is The Optimal Monetary Response?Bergin, P. R. and Corsetti, G.CWPE2026 [2020]
When will the Covid-19 pandemic peak?Li, S. and Linton, O.CWPE2025 [2020]
Testing Random Assignment to Peer GroupsJochmans, K.CWPE2024 [2020]
Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: New Survey Evidence for the UKAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2023 [2020]
Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: New Survey Evidence for the USAdams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.CWPE2022 [2020]
Equilibrium Social DistancingToxvaerd, F.M.OCWPE2021 [2020]
A Century of Arbitrage and Disaster Risk Pricing in the Foreign Exchange Market Corsetti, G. and Marin, E. A.CWPE2020 [2020]
Information Overload and Confirmation BiasGoette, L., Han, H. J. and Leung, B. T. K.CWPE2019 [2020]
What does the power outage on 9 August 2019 tell us about GB power systemBialek, J.CWPE2018 [2020]
Parental Beliefs about Returns to Child Health InvestmentsBiroli, P., Boneva, T., Raja A., Rauh, C.CWPE2017 [2020]
The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting Under Trade Agreement RenegotiationCrowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L.CWPE2016 [2020]
The Hard Problem of Prediction for Conflict PreventionMueller, H., Rauh, C.CWPE2015 [2020]
The Cost of Trade Distortion: Britain’s Carbon Price Support and Cross-border Electricity TradeGuo, B., Newbery, D.CWPE2014 [2020]
Identifying Innovative Actors in the Electricicity Supply Industry Using Machine Learning: An Application to UK Patent DataDolphin, G., Pollitt, M.CWPE2013 [2020]
Estimation of Spatial Sample Selection Models: A Partial Maximum Likelihood ApproachRabovic, R., Cizek, P.CWPE2012 [2020]
A Semi-Parametric Bayesian Generalized Least Square EstimatorWu, R. and Weeks, M.CWPE2011 [2020]
Equilibrium Wage-Setting and the Life-Cycle Gender Pay GapAmano-Patiño, N., Baron, T. and Xiao, P.CWPE2010 [2020]
Debt Crises, Fast and SlowCorsetti, G. and Maeng, S. H.CWPE2009 [2020]
Franchise extension and fiscal structure in the United Kingdom 1820-1913: A new test of the Redistribution HypothesisAidt, T., Winer, S., Zhang, P.CWPE2008 [2020]
Electricity Market Integration, Decarbonisation and Security of Supply: Dynamic Volatility Connectedness in the Irish and Great Britain MarketsDo, H., Nepal, R., Jamasb, T.CWPE2007 [2020]
The Elusive Gains from Nationally-Oriented Monetary PolicyBodenstein, M., Corsetti, G. and Guerrieri, L.CWPE2006 [2020]
BrokerageChoi, S., Goyal, S. and Moisan, F.CWPE2005 [2020]
Testing Stochastic Dominance with Many Conditioning VariablesLinton, O., Seo, M., Whang, Y-J.CWPE2004 [2020]
Spurious Factor AnalysisOnatski, A. and Wang, C.CWPE2003 [2020]
Merchant renewables and the valuation of peaking plant in energy-only marketsSimshauser, P.CWPE2002 [2020]
Techno-economic study of output-flexible light water nuclear reactor systems with cryogenic energy storageWilson, A., Nuttall, W., Glowacki, B.CWPE2001 [2020]

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Nonparametric Recovery of the Yield Curve Evolution from Cross-Section and Time Series Inf..., Koo, B., La Vecchia, D., Linton, O.