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Faulkner, P., Lawson, C. and Runde, J.

Theorising technology

Cambridge Journal of Economics

Abstract: Technology is central not only to such traditional economic concerns as economic growth, wealth creation and the alleviation of poverty, but also to wider societal issues ranging from climate change, globalisation and the organisation of work, through to education, the provision of health care, and the development of media and the arts. It follows that, whatever their particular interests, economists, as well as social scientists and policy makers more generally, are at some stage likely to have to re?ect upon the nature of technology. There are many potential issues to consider and some of the questions that arise include: ‘What is meant by technology?’, ‘What different kinds of technology are there?’, ‘What is technical change?’, ‘How do the material and social aspects of technology cohere?’ and so on

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