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Dr. Edoardo Gallo writes a blog post in the LSE Business Review on his article "Whatever it takes to win: Rivalry increases unethical behavior"

Gavin J. Kilduff, Adam Galinsky and Edoardo Gallo explore the link between rivalry and unethical behaviour.

Published on: Thursday 10th November 2016

Prof. Low: New Microeconomic Insights on Disability Insurance

In their recent paper Hamish Low and Luigi Pistaferri look into the "Recent growth in the number of Disability Insurance claimants has led to calls for substantial scaling back of the program. We evaluate the incentive cost of the DI program against its insurance value to those in need".

Published on: Tuesday 13th December 2016

Professor Munshi awarded the Infosys Prize

The Faculty is delighted to announce the news that Professor Kaivan Munshi has been awarded the 2016 Infosys Prize in the Social Sciences

Published on: Monday 21st November 2016

Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence

Following the Bean Independent Review of UK Economic Statistics, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently announced that the National Institute of Economic and Social Research in collaboration with a consortium of leading economic institutions including the University of Cambridge will form the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE).

Published on: Thursday 17th November 2016

Prof. Coen Teulings Videos, "Low Interest Rates and the Introduction of the Pill"

Prof. Coen Teulings has just released a three part video series on "Low Interest Rates and the Introduction of the Pill"

Published on: Monday 14th November 2016

Networks and Misallocation: Insurance, Migration, and the Rural-Urban Wage Gap

by Kaivan Munshi and Mark Rosenzweig
Institutions are implicit or explicit rules that bring people with the same objective together. In new research, Professor Kaivan Munshi discusses the role of informal community-based institutions in migration and the development process.

Published on: Thursday 17th November 2016

Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti presents at conference hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance

Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti presents "Stabilizing the economy - what is the role of fiscal policy?" at conference hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance

Published on: Friday 16th December 2016

Prof. Coen Teulings: NRC column on the US election

Read Professor Coen Teulings's NRC column on the US election.

Published on: Thursday 10th November 2016

Dr Vasco Carvalho awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize

The Faculty is delighted to announce the news that Dr Vasco Carvalho has been awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize this year.

Published on: Monday 24th October 2016

Prof. Ogilvie to give the Figuerola Lecture 2016-17

Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie will give the Figuerola Lecture in Economic History in Madrid on 14 December 2016. This annual lecture in economic history and policy opens the academic year at the University Carlos III de Madrid and addresses an audience of academics and the general public.

Published on: Thursday 1st December 2016

Christopher Rauh's research featured in Voxeu

"Why we fail to prevent civil wars: A forecaster's perspective", is a joint paper between Hannes Mueller and Christopher Rauh. Voxeu spoke to them about their research.

Published on: Wednesday 19th October 2016

Oliver Hart awarded the Nobel Prize

The Faculty is delighted to announce that this year's Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded to Oliver Hart (jointly with Begt Holmstrom).

Published on: Monday 10th October 2016

Prof. Coen Teulings presents seminar at The Bank of Italy and featured in Voxeu

Professor Coen Teulings presented a seminar on "Secular stagnation, bubbles, fiscal policy, and the introduction of the contraceptive pill" at the Central Bank of Italy on Monday 24th October.

Published on: Tuesday 25th October 2016

Post-Referendum Analysis by NIESR

The first post-Referendum analysis of the UK economy was provided in early August by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. In which there was considered to be a 50:50 chance of a technical recession for the UK following the referendum result. In his summary the Director, Professor Jagjit Chadha, outlined the issues faced by the UK after the Referendum and the difficulty of drawing the right conclusions from the popular vote.

Published on: Thursday 6th October 2016

Prof Oliver B. Linton awarded status of “Thousand Talents Plan” by Renmin University of China

Prof Oliver B. Linton of the University of Cambridge was designated the status of “Thousand Talents Plan” with affiliation at Renmin University of China. The ceremony for signing of the contract was held in Beijing on the 15th of June, 2016. (Please note the article is only available in Chinese)

Published on: Wednesday 21st September 2016

Dr Flavio Toxvaerd on giving economic advice to the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance.

From 2014 to 2016 Dr Flavio Toxvaerd served as the Economic Advisor for the Government and Wellcome Trust-commissioned independent Review on Antimicrobial Resistance. In May 2016 the Review published its 10 recommendations around how we can tackle this worsening global public health crisis.

Published on: Monday 19th September 2016

Professor Sanjeev Goyal's interview with INET New York, on 'The economics of networks'

In this video interview with INET New York, Prof. Sanjeev Goyal explains his general theory of network formation based on individual incentives, and their economic implications.

Published on: Friday 9th September 2016

Katja Smetanina Awarded RES Junior Fellowship

The Faculty would like to congrarualte Ms Katja Smetanina, who has been awarded the Royal Economic Society Junior Fellowship for 2016-17. You can read about Katja's research and the Junior Fellowship award at the RES website.

Published on: Monday 12th September 2016

Dr Meredith Crowley elected Research Fellow at the CEPR

The Faculty is very pleased to announce that Dr Meredith Crowley has been elected as a CEPR Research Fellow.

Published on: Friday 8th July 2016

Post-Brexit: Corsetti on the macroeconomic effects of Brexit

The Pound and the Macroeconomic Effects of Brexit, Giancarlo Corsetti and Gernot Müller - Vox EU, New York Times and Wall Street Pitt articles.

Published on: Friday 1st July 2016

Post-Brexit: Prof. Teulings on why promising reforms did not help

Prof. Coen Teulings - Promising reforms not helpful for winning the debate on EU's future. A translation from ‘Het Financiële Dagblad’ (the Dutch equivalent of the FT)

Published on: Thursday 30th June 2016

Brexit: Teulings on how businesses can think about its potential impact

As the referendum draws closer, many business leaders ask what Brexit would look like and what its likely impact would be on firms and industries. In a policy document for the BCG Henderson Institute, professor Tuelings along with researchers at the institute sets out a strategy for thinking about this important questions ahead of the referendum on June 23.

Published on: Tuesday 21st June 2016

Brexit: Simon Lloyd on the consequences for low income households

Simon Lloyd, who is a graduate student in the Faculty, has contributed to an important report on the impact of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) on benefit and tax credit receipts of low income households. The report is co-authored by A. Armstrong and K. Lisenkova and published by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research.

Published on: Wednesday 15th June 2016

Jonathan Smith Wins IFABS Best Ph.D. Paper Award

Each year the International Finance and Banking Society Conference chooses the best paper drawn from the papers presented at the IFABS 2016 Barcelona Conference and awards the IFABS Best Research Paper Award. The Faculty is pleased to announce that Jonathan Smith was awarded the IFABS Best Ph.D. Paper Award.

Published on: Tuesday 21st June 2016

Society for Economic Dynamics, Interview: Giancarlo Corsetti on Debt Dynamics

The Society for Economic Dynamics recently conducted a Q&A Interview with Giancarlo Corsetti on Debt Dynamics.

Published on: Tuesday 10th May 2016

Prof. Coen Teulings to give the first Johan Witteveen Lecture

Professor Coen Teulings will give the the first Johan Witteveen Lecture at the Erasmus University Rotterdam on Monday 31st October

Published on: Friday 28th October 2016

Royal Garden Party 19th May 2016

The Faculty is very pleased to announce that Teresa Gurner and Anne Mason both received an invitation to attend a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Published on: Monday 30th May 2016

Prof. Sir Partha Dasgupta Awarded the 2016 Tyler Prize

The Faculty is very pleased to announce that Prof. Sir Partha Dasgupta has been awarded the 2016 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement for his scientific contributions to the field of environmental economics.

Published on: Tuesday 15th March 2016

RSA Animation based on Ha-Joon Chang's book, Economics: The User's Guide

The RSA (Royal Society of Arts) have produced an animation entitled 'Economics is for Everyone', which is based on Ha-Joon Chang's book, Economics: The User's Guide

Published on: Thursday 18th August 2016

Dr Debopam Bhattacharya awarded ERC Grant

The Faculty is very pleased to announce that Dr Debopam Bhattacharya was awarded a 5-year ERC "Consolidator" grant for his project titled "Empirical Demand and Welfare Analysis (EDWEL)".

Published on: Monday 15th February 2016

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