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Prof. Corsetti Gives Deutsche Bundesbank and IMF Keynote Speeches

Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti has two Keynote Speeches this week. At the Deutsche Bundesbank's "Fiscal Policy in EMU – The Way Ahead", in Frankfurt and the IMF Conference "Many Objectives or Too Few Instruments?" in Washington DC.

Published on: Wednesday 21st March 2018

Plenary Panel on Brexit

As part of the Royal Economics Society's Annual Conference in Brighton, there will be a Plenary Panel on Brexit - "The View on Brexit from Abroad: New Opportunities or Damage Control?". Dr Meredith Crowley will be speaking as part of the panel.

Published on: Tuesday 20th March 2018

RES Annual Conference 2018 Brighton - Brexit Event

As part of the Royal Economics Society's Annual Conference in Brighton, the RES is holding a debate 'One year till Brexit: Are we nearly there yet?'. Dr Meredith Crowley will speak on the open-to-the-public panel debating Brexit. Titckets are available through EventBrite.

Published on: Wednesday 14th March 2018

Dr. Crowley Discusses Trump's Trade Policy with the NY Times

Dr. Meredith Crowley spoke about the danger that Trump's steel tariff poses to the World Trade Organization system of trade.

Published on: Monday 12th March 2018

Dr. Geraats Keynote Speaker at the Dutch Central Bank Conference

Dr Petra Geraats was a keynote speaker at the Central Bank Communication and Transparency Conference at the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) in Amsterdam on Friday 16 February 2018.

Published on: Thursday 8th March 2018

Dr. Crowley Interviewed Live for BBC Radio 4 Today

Dr. Meredith Crowley was interviewed live for BBC Radio 4 Today programme about the US's Import Tariffs on Steel. You can listen to the programme on the BBC iplayer for the next 29 days.

Published on: Friday 9th March 2018

Dr. Mohaddes's Research Featured in the News

Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes's paper "Country-Specific Oil Supply Shocks and the Global Economy" (joint with Prof. Hashem Pesaran) was featured in the Albawaba News article "Reneging on the Nuclear Deal Will Isolate America, Empower China, and Distance Europe".

Published on: Thursday 1st March 2018

Dr. Bateman on BBC Radio 4

Dr Victoria Bateman spoke on a Radio 4 Money-Box special this Wednesday on the topic "what Britain sells". Available to listen here (Dr Bateman is in the latter half of the programme).

Published on: Friday 23rd February 2018

Financial Times Brexit Briefing

Dr Meredith Crowley's blog on 'Response to leaked government Brexit analysis' was included in the Financial Times Brexit briefing.

Published on: Monday 19th February 2018

Prof. Chatterjee appointed to Government Remuneration Body

Professor Monojit Chatterjee has been appointed as a member of the Police Remuneration and Review Body and the National Crime Agency (NCA) Remuneration Review Body.

Published on: Tuesday 6th February 2018

Faculty Members to speak at CERF in The City 2018

Dr Elisa Faraglia and Dr Matt Elliott are to speak at the CERF in the City 2018 event on The Risks in Finacial Markets.

Published on: Wednesday 31st January 2018

Response to leaked Government Brexit analysis

The UK in a Changing Europe website have published a blog written by Dr Meredith Crowley, which is in response to a leaked Government Brexit report.

Published on: Thursday 1st February 2018

Podcast of Professor Gareth Austin's inaugural lecture

In the lectures, Professor Austin describes three 'revolutions' in the study of economic history since 1950 and argues that Economic History needs to re-affirm its position as the intersection set of the disciplines of History and Economics. Podcast of lecture available here.

Published on: Monday 29th January 2018

Dr. Crowley talks Brexit on BBC Radio 4

Dr. Meredith Crowley and Gerard Lyons debate Brexit on BBC Radio 4 The World at One Programme. The Brexit segment starts at 19:29.

Published on: Friday 26th January 2018

Frank Hahn Memoir Published

Professor David Newbery has published his memoir of Frank Hahn (1925-2013) in the Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy.

Published on: Friday 26th January 2018

Prof. Goyal to give Keynote Lecture in Spain

Professor Sanjeev Goyal will deliver a Keynote Lecture at The Conference on Complexity, Networks, and Collective Behaviour in Zaragoza, Spain.

Published on: Tuesday 6th February 2018

BBC News - Dr. Crowley talks UK and the Customs Union

Dr Meredith Crowley was interviewed by Kamal Ahmed (Economics Editor) for BBC News at Six, explaining the value to the UK of participating in the Customs Union with the EU. Dr Crowley's interview starts at 06.10. Video no longer available.

Published on: Tuesday 6th February 2018

Cambridge Big Data

Professor Vasco Carvalho behind new Economic and Data Science Interest Group. This is part of the Cambridge Big Data Strategic Research Initiative (CBD).

Published on: Friday 12th January 2018

Jane Humphries awarded a CBE

Jane Humphries, Professor of Economic History at the University of Oxford and former Reader at the Faculty of Economics has been awarded a CBE.

Published on: Thursday 4th January 2018

Prof. Ogilvie BBC Radio 4 Interview on Guilds

Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie spoke to BBC Radio 4 about "Consumer protectors or greedy monopolists? A fresh look at what guilds really did for pre-modern trade".

Published on: Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Dr. Crowley to speak at Danish Institute for International Studies

Dr. Meredith Crowley is speaking on "Globalisation at a Crossroads" at the Danish Institute for International Studies in Copenhagen on 10 January 2018. Watch all the talks from the event on the DIIS website.

Published on: Wednesday 3rd January 2018

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