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Faculty of Economics



Economics at Cambridge


Undergraduate students and staff talk about studying Economics at the University of Cambridge.
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University of Cambridge Hybrid Open Days

The Cambridge Hybrid Open Days are running from 27 June until 17 July 2022, including some in-person events in Cambridge on 7 & 8 July 2022. To attend you need to register in advance. Further details are available at:

The Faculty of Economics is participating in the Hybrid Open Days with the following events:

  • On demand video presentation Introduction to Economics at Cambridge (4-17 July, via Virtual Tour)

  • Drop-in Economics information stand (7 & 8 July, 9:30-16:30, Faculty of Economics, Sidgwick Site)

  • Drop-in Marshall Library self-guided tour (7 & 8 July, 10:00-16:00, Marshall Library, Sidgwick Site)

  • Virtual live chat Q&A with current students (15 July, 16:00-17:00)

Open Days Hand-Outs

BA in Economics Hand-Out Cover


BA in Economics Hand-Out Content


Useful websites for prospective Economics applicants at Cambridge


Discover Economics

Discover Economics

Discover Economics is a Royal Economics Society campaign to increase diversity among economics students.

Research at the Faculty of Economics

Many academics in the Faculty have researched the economic, social, epidemiological and labour market aspects of both the current COVID-19 pandemic, and future worldwide 'sudden shock' events. Faculty members have also been at the forefront the financial and trade implications of Brexit, university admissions, and gender economics.


Faculty members made short videos discussing their research and insights




You can watch all the Alumni Webinar Series videos at:




You can watch all the COVID-19 Webinar Series videos at: