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Research Interests

International trade and trade policy


PhD (2001), MS (1999) in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; MPP (1996) in international trade and finance from Harvard; AB (1990) in Asian studies and chemistry from Bowdoin College. Previously worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and as a visiting associate professor at Georgetown. Served on the Trade and Economy Panel of the UK Dept. for International Trade and as a scientific advisor to Bruegel (Belgium), CEPII (France), and the Kiel Institute (Germany).

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Corsetti, G., Crowley, M. A. and Han, L. Invoicing and the Dynamics of Pricing-to-Market: Evidence from UK Export Prices around the Brexit Referendum, Journal of International Economics vol 135 (2022)
Crowley, M. A. and Ortino, F. Establishing a New Role for Antidumping Policy: Protection of an Unestablished Industry (Morocco–Hot-Rolled Steel (Turkey)), World Trade Review vol 20 (2021) pp. 533-545
Crowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L. The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting under Trade Agreement Renegotiation, AEA Papers and Proceedings vol 110 (2020) pp. 547-51
Crowley, M. A., Meng, N. and Song, H. Policy shocks and stock market returns: evidence from Chinese solar panels, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies vol 51 (2019) pp. 148-169
Crowley, M. A., Meng, N., and Song, H. Tariff scares: Trade policy uncertainty and foreign market entry by Chinese firms, Journal of International Economics vol 114 (2018) pp. 96-115

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Crowley, M. A., Han, L., Son, M. The Swift Decline of the British Pound: Evidence from UK Trade-invoicing after the Brexit Vote, (2024) CWPE2413
Crowley, M. A., Han, L., Prayer, T. The Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade Agreements, (2022) CWPE2240
Crowley, M. A., Han, L. and Son, M. Dominant Currency Dynamics: Evidence on Dollar-invoicing from UK Exporters, (2020) CWPE20113
Crowley, M. A., Exton, O. and Han, L. The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting Under Trade Agreement Renegotiation, (2020) CWPE2016
Alcover, M. and Crowley, M. A. China -- Broiler Products: Can the sum of the parts be less than the whole?, (2019) CWPE1985

Chapter in Book

Bown, C. P. and Crowley, M. A. The empirical landscape of trade policy, (2016) in the book: Handbook of commercial policy, Volume 1 - Elsevier
Crowley, M. A. Why are safeguards needed in a trade agreement?, (2010) in the book: Law and econmics of contingent protection in international trade - Cambridge University Press

Research Activities

J M Keynes Fellowship Fund Lectures 2024
Professor Bart Lambrecht (Judge Business School), Professor Debopam Bhattacharya (Faculty of Economics), Professor Matthew Elliott (Faculty of Economics) and Professor Meredith Crowley (Faculty of Economics) will all speak at the J M Keynes Fellowship Fund annual lecture.
Event Date - Thursday 15th February 2024

Three successful in Academic Career Pathways
The University of Cambridge Academic Career Pathways scheme recognises and reward outstanding contributions and celebrate academic achievement through promotion and pay progression. This year, all three of the candidates from the Faculty of Economics that were put forward have been successful.
Published on - Friday 16th June 2023

Meredith Crowley on Brexit
Professor Meredith Crowley was interviewed on the BBC 2 TV programme Newsnight with her analysis of the state of the UK economy three years on from Brexit.
Published on - Wednesday 1st February 2023

Macroeconomic and Financial History Mini-Conference
The Janeway Institute is sponsoring a mini-conference entitled 'Macroeconomic and Financial History'.

The event will be held in the Meade Room, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge on 20th March 2023, from 10am - 4.50pm.
Published on - Monday 30th January 2023

Boris Johnson leaves a mixed legacy with his Brexit gambit
The e-book, “The Economics of Brexit: What Have We Learned?”, which Prof. Meredith Crowley provided a chapter for, has been quoted in a New York Times article about Boris Johnson's prime ministerial legacy.
Published on - Wednesday 13th July 2022

Research Grants

UK in a Changing Europe Fellowship (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))
The impact of trade policy and exchange rate shocks on trade (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))
Data Impact Fellow (JISC) (Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC))

The Janeway Institute for Economics

Coordinator for Transmission Mechanisms and Economic Policy Research Theme

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Corsetti, G. and Crowley, M., Credit Constraints and Optimal Price Setting in International Markets (JHOR)
Crowley, M., Faraglia, E. and Giannitsarou, C., Adapting to Brexit: Foreign Subsidiaries and UK-EU Trade (JHVX)
Crowley, M. and Hoste, J., Understanding Brexit: Trade Costs and Multinational Adaptation (JHWI)


MPhil - S190 International Trade

PhD Students


Sarur Chaudhary
PhD Title:
Research: International Trade, Digital Economy and Development Economics
Chuan-Han Cheng
PhD Title:
Research: International Macroeconomics, Trade, and Monetary Policy
Yi (Amanda) Wang
PhD Title:
Research: International Trade, Innovation, Productivity


Fred Seunghyun Maeng
PhD Title: Essays on Sovereign Default
Research: Sovereign Default, International Lending and Financial Stability
Deniz Atalar
PhD Title:
Research: Inter-Sectoral Trade Linkages in Aggregate Fluctuation
Ana Lleo-Bono
PhD Title:
Research: Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Professor Meredith Crowley

Professor of Economics
Research Fellow, CEPR (London)

Research Group:
Empirical Microeconomics

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Room: 33
Office Hours: 2:30-3:30pm on Wednesdays in Room 33 Austin Robinson Building
College: Fellow of St. John's College

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