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Faculty of Economics

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Dr Toke Aidt
University Reader
Director of the Keynes Fund

Research Interests
Political Economics

Dr Noriko Amano-Patiño
University Lecturer

Research Interests
Analyzing Inequalities Across Racial, Gender, and Hierarchical Groups

Dr Yujiang River Chen
College Lecturer (St Catharine's College)

Research Interests
Labour Economics, Urban Economics and Micro-Econometrics

Dr Meredith Crowley
University Reader
Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe
Research Fellow, CEPR (London)

Research Interests
International trade and trade policy

Professor Eric French
Montague Burton Professor of Industrial Relations and Labour Economics

Research Interests
Labor, Public Finance, Health, Applied Econometrics

Dr Pauline Goyal-Rutsaert
College Teaching Officer (Homerton College)

Research Interests
Industrial, Competition, and Regulatory Policy; Research and Innovation Policy; Communications Sector; Better Policymaking; Strategic Trade Policy

Dr Juliana Guimaraes Cavalcanti
College Lecturer in Economics (Homerton College)

Research Interests
Income Inequality, Gender Wage Discrimination,Students Performance, Quantile Regression

Dr Sriya Iyer
University Reader in Economics

Research Interests
Development Economics, Religion, Demography, Education

Dr Ines Lee
Junior Research Fellow in Economics (Homerton College)

Research Interests
Applied Microeconomics: Healthcare, Education, Labour

Dr Kai Liu
University Lecturer

Research Interests
Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Economics of China

Professor David Newbery
Emeritus Professor and
Director of The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)

Research Interests
Electricity policy research, specifically market design and behaviour, transmission access pricing, renewables support mechanisms and climate change policy

Dr Christopher Rauh
University Lecturer

Research Interests
Labour Economics, Political Economy

Dr Gabriella Santangelo
University Lecturer

Research Interests
Development Economics

Dr Julia Shvets
Senior College Lecturer (Christ's College)

Research Interests
Empirical micro, organizations, incentives, political economy.

Dr Weilong Zhang
University Lecturer

Research Interests
Labor Economics, Education Economics, Family Economics, Psychology Economics

Shengjuan He

Title: Flexible working, commuting cost and female labour market outcomes

Jörg Kalbfuss

Title: Socio-Economic Stratification & Conflict

Salvatore Lattanzio

Title: Firms, Labour Cost Adjustment and the Gender Wage Gap: The Role of Workplace Heterogeneity in the Labour Market

Research Interests
Labour economics, Inequality, Gender wage gap

Su-Min Lee

Title: Elections, Economic Policy, and Political Representation

Research Interests
Empirical Microeconomics, Political Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Taehee Oh

Title: The Effects of Social Labour Policies and Changes in Circumstances on the Labour Supply

Thomas Prayer

Title: Firm-Level Impacts of Mutual Recognition Agreements

Benjapon Prommawin

Title: An Essay on International Reserves Adequacy for Emerging Asian Countries

Vivek Roy-Chowdhury

Research Interests
Topics in Political Economics

Alexandru Savu

Title: Political causes of reform ineffectiveness in non-advanced economies

Research Interests
Empirical Political and Development Economics

John Spray

Title: Export Transitions and the Supply Chain: Evidence from Uganda

Research Interests
International Trade & Development, Production Networks


Research Grants

  • Economic Policy and Political Myopia (ESRC) - Aidt, T
  • Voting Rights And Public Policy (ESRC) - Aidt, T. S.
  • International dimension of political regime dynamics (ESRC) - Aidt, T. S.
  • Riots And The Great Reform Act Of 1832 (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Aidt, T
  • Democratic purges in post-World War II France: Was it all about separating the wheat from the chaff? (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Aidt, T
  • Data Impact Fellow (JISC) (Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)) - Crowley, M.
  • The impact of trade policy and exchange rate shocks on trade (ESRC) - Crowley, M.
  • UK in a Changing Europe Fellowship (ESRC) - Crowley, M.
  • Innovation And The Resilience Of Religion (METANEXUS INSTITUTE ON RELIGION AND SCIENCE) - Iyer, S.
  • Modernizing The Madrasa In India (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Iyer, S.
  • The Next RES Research Initiative: Expanding the Advancements Made in the Economic Study of Religion and Religious Markets (CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY (FB JOHN TEMPLETON FND)) - Iyer, S.
  • Endogenous Network Formation And Informal Networks In Village Economies (NUFFIELD FOUNDATION) - Krishnan, P.
  • Endogenous Network Formation And Informal Networks In Village Economies (ESRC) - Krishnan, P.
  • Aspirations And Poverty Traps: Investigating The Impact Of Interventions On Youth In The Slums Of Bombay (NUFFIELD FOUNDATION) - Krishnan, P.
  • Family Instability, Child Development and Family Policy: Theory and Evidence from an Economic Model (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Liu, K.
  • Organisation, Competition And Regulation In The British Railway Industry (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Road Pricing And Urban Congestion Costs (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • The Internet And Price Competition In Retail Markets Within The EU (EPSRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Efficient And Sustainable Regulation And Competition In Network Industries (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Promoting Innovation And Productivity In Electricity Markets (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only)) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Price Comparison Sites And Competition: The Internet Connectivity Market (ISAAC NEWTON TRUST) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Specific Support Action: Sessa (Sustainable Specific Support Assessment) (EC FP6 OTHER) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Electricity Policy Forum (CAMBRIDGE MIT (rsd use only)) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Cessa - Coordinating Energy Security Of Supply Actions (EC FW6 CA) - Newbery, D. M.
  • British Academy Small Grant Bid - Karsten Neuhoff (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Newbery, D. M.
  • The Electricity Policy Research Group (ESRC) - Newbery, D. M.
  • Risk Attitude and Portfolio Choice: An Intra-household Perspective (BRITISH ACADEMY) - Zhang, W.

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

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Published Papers

Aidt, T. S. and Leon, G. The Interaction of Structural Factors and Diffusion in Social Unrest: Evidence from the Swing Riots, British Journal of Political Science (2021)
Aidt, T. S., Albornoz, F. and Hauk, E. Foreign Influence and Domestic Policy, Journal of Economic Literature (2021)
Casarico, A. and Lattanzio, S. The Heterogeneous Effects of COVID-19 on Labor Market Flows: Evidence from Administrative Data, Covid Economics (2020)
Aidt, T. S., Leon, G. and Max Satchell The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Diffusion of the Swing Riots, The Journal of Politics, accepted (2020)
Aidt, T. S. Review of Forging the Franchise: The Political Origins of the Women's Vote, Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming (2020)
Adams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C. Inequality in the Impact of the Coronavirus Shock: Evidence from Real Time Surveys, Journal of Public Economics (2020)
Biroli, P., Boneva, T., Raja, A. and Rauh, C. Parental Beliefs About Returns to Child Health Investments, Journal of Econometrics (2020)
Iyer, S. Religion and Discrimination: A Review Essay of Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom, Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming (2020)

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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C. Can Perceived Returns Explain Enrollment Gaps in Postgraduate Education?, CWPE2140 (2021)
Boneva, T., Kaufmann, K. and Rauh, C. Maternal Labor Supply: Perceived Returns, Constraints, and Social Norms, CWPE2138 (2021)
Ran Gu, Cameron Peng and Weilong Zhang The Gender Gap in Household Bargaining Power: A Portfolio-Choice Approach, CWPE2130 (2021)
Newbery, D. Designing Efficient Renewable Electricity Support Schemes, CWPE2128 (2021)
Savu, A. Reverse Political Coattails under a Technocratic Government: New Evidence on the National Electoral Benefits of Local Party Incumbency, CWPE2121 (2021)
Savu, A. The Local Political Economy of Austerity: Lessons from Hospital Closures in Romania, CWPE2120 (2021)
Guo, B. and Newbery, D. The cost of uncoupling GB interconnectors, CWPE2118 (2021)
Rauh, C. and Renée, L. Parenting Types, CWPE2110 (2021)

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Authored Books

Iyer, S. The Economics of Religion in India, (2018), Harvard University Press
Iyer, S. Demography and Religion in India, (2002), Oxford University Press

Chapter in Book

Iyer, S. The Economics of Religion in Developing Countries, (2020), forthcoming in Religion and Flourishing. Edited by A. Cohen - Baylor University Press
Iyer, S. Religion and Demography, (2019), forthcoming in Advances in the Economics of Religion. Edited by J-P Carvalho, Sriya Iyer, J Rubin - Palgrave Macmillan
Aidt, T.S. Corruption, (2018), forthcoming in Oxford handbook of public choice. Edited by Roger Congleton, Stefan Voigt - Oxford University Press
Aidt, T.S. and Leon, G. The coup: competition for office in authoritarian regimes, (2018), forthcoming in Oxford handbook of public choice. Edited by Roger Congleton, Stefan Voigt - Oxford University Press
Iyer, S. Religion and Institutions, (2018), forthcoming in A Research Agenda for the New institutional Economics. Edited by Claude Menard, Mary Shirley - Edward Elgar Publishers
Bown, C. P. and Crowley, M. A. The empirical landscape of trade policy, (2016), forthcoming in Handbook of commercial policy, Volume 1. Edited by Kyle Bagwell, Robert Staiger - Elsevier
Aidt, T. S. Political economy of instrument choice, (2013), forthcoming in Encyclopedia of energy, natural resource, and environmental economics. Edited by Jason Shogren - Elsevier Science
Iyer, S., Joshi, S. and Do, Q. Why marry a cousin? Insights from Bangladesh, (2013), forthcoming in Marrying in South Asia: Shifting Concepts, Changing Practices in a Globalising World. Edited by Ravinder Kaur, Rajni Parliwala - Orient Blackswan
Crowley, M. A. Why are safeguards needed in a trade agreement?, (2010), forthcoming in Law and econmics of contingent protection in international trade. Edited by George Bermann, Petros Mavroidis, Kyle Bagwell - Cambridge University Press
Iyer, S. Gender, religion, and the age at marriage in India, (2009), forthcoming in Gender and Discrimination: Health, Nutritional Status and Role of Women in India. Edited by M Pal, P Bharati, B Ghosh, T - Oxford University Press
Iyer, S. Religion and economic development, (2008), forthcoming in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition. Edited by S Durlauf, L Blume - Palgrave Macmillan

Chapter in Book

eds. Carvalho, J-P, Iyer, S. and Rubin, J. Advances in the Economics of Religion, (2019) - Palgrave Macmillan
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Empirical Microeconomics Research Group

There are currently no Seminars scheduled

Recent Publications

Todd, P. E. and Zhang, W. A Dynamic Model of Personality, Schooling, and Occupational Choice Quantitative Economics [2020]

Chaudhary, L., Rubin, J., Iyer, S. and Shrivastava, A. Culture and Colonial Legacy: Evidence from Public Goods Games Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization [2020]

Casarico, A. and Lattanzio, S. The Heterogeneous Effects of COVID-19 on Labor Market Flows: Evidence from Administrative Data Covid Economics [2020]

Selected CWPE


Strengths and Weaknesses of the British Market Model, Newbery, D.


When is a carbon price floor desirable?, Newbery, D., Reiner, D., Ritz, R.


UK Electricity Market Reform and the Energy Transition: Emerging Lessons, Grubb, M., Newbery, D.