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Research Interests

Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Economics of China

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Carneiro, P., Liu, K. and Salvanes, K. G. The Supply of Skill and Endogenous Technical Change: Evidence from a College Expansion Reform, Journal of the European Economic Association vol 21(1) (2023) pp. 48–92
Liu, K. Wage Risk and the Value of Job Mobility in Early Employment Careers, Journal of Labor Economics vol 37 no. 1 (2019) pp. 139-185
Chan, M. K. and Liu, K. Life-Cycle and Intergenerational Effects of Child Care Reforms, Quantitative Economics vol 9(2) (2018) pp. 659-706
Aaberge, R., Liu, K. and Zhu, Y. Political Uncertainty and Household Savings, Journal of Comparative Economics vol 45(1) (2017) pp. 154-170
Liu, K. Insuring Against Health Shocks: Health Insurance and Household Choices, Journal of Health Economics vol 46 (2016) pp. 6-32

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Chan, M. K., Liu, K. Changing Families: Family Relationships, Parental Decisions and Child Development, (2023) CWPE2315
Liu, K., Prommawin, B., Schroyen, F. Health Insurance and Agricultural Investments: Evidence from Rural Thailand, (2023) CWPE2327
Dalla-Zuanna, A., Liu, K., Salvanes, K. Pulled-in and Crowded-out: Heterogeneous Outcomes of Merit-based School Choice, (2023) CWPE2328
Bennett, P., Liu, K., Salvanes, K. The Decline of Routine Tasks, Education Investments, and Intergenerational Mobility, (2023) CWPE2329
Chan, M., Dalla-Zuanna, A., Liu, K. Understanding Program Complementarities: Estimating the Dynamic Effects of Head Start with Multiple Alternatives, (2023) CWPE2330

Recent Activities

Household Savings and Inequality: from Micro to Macro
The Janeway Institute, ESRC, The Keynes Fund and SHARE will be co-sponsoring a conference on "Household Savings and Inequality: from Micro to Macro", from 23-25th March 2023.
Event Date - Thursday 23rd March 2023 - Saturday 25th March 2023

Workers, Firms and Labour Markets Workshop
Faculty of Economics is hosting a one-day workshop on Workers, Firms and Labour Markets on Friday, 18th October 2019, from 9.30am-3.30pm in the Meade Room. The workshop is organised by Dr Noriko Amano Patino, Dr Kai Liu and Dr Weilong Zhang and the speakers include includes Eric French, Roland Rathelot, Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Pierre Cahuc, and Manudeep Bhuller. You can view the programme here.
Event Date - Friday 18th October 2019

Labour Markets, Human Capital and Public Policy
Costas Meghir, Hanming Fang, Magne Mogstad, Gordon Dahl and Chris Walters will all be speaking at the Labour Markets, Human Capital and Public Policy Conference. This will be held on 9th of May 2017, between 9.00am and 5.00pm, in Winstanley theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge.
Event Date - Tuesday 9th May 2017

Research Grants

Demand and Welfare Analysis using Micro-data (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC))
Family Instability, Child Development and Family Policy: Theory and Evidence from an Economic Model (British Academy)

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Liu, K., Risk and Return in Human Capital Investments (JHOJ)
Liu, K., Wage Dynamics and Post-Schooling Human Capital Accumulation (JHUE)


PI Paper 1 - Lent - General Equilibrium, Externalities, Welfare
PIIA Paper 7 - Michaelmas - Labour Supply, Demand and Human Capital
PIIB Paper 7 - Topics in Public Economics

PhD Students


Shengjuan He
PhD Title: Flexible working, commuting cost and female labour market outcomes
Qianya Xu
PhD Title:
Research: Empirical Microeconomics and Labour Economics
Shania Mustika
PhD Title:
Research: Labour Economics, Education Economics, Racial Relations and Networks

Dr Kai Liu

University Associate Professor

Research Group:
Empirical Microeconomics

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