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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

TitleAuthorsCWPE NumberYear
Supply Chain Disruptions, the Structure of Production Networks, and the Impact of Globalization Elliott, M., Jackson, M. O.CWPE2424 (2024)
I know best: Scepticism about the Knowledge of Experts and Peers on Economics Predictions Agranov, M., Elliott, M., Ortoleva, P.CWPE2423 (2024)
Experimental Evidence on Group Size Effects in Network Formation Games Choi, S., Goyal, S., Guo, F., Moisan, F.CWPE2417 (2024)
Social Structure, State, and Economic Activity Bramoulle, Y., Goyal, S., Morelli, M.CWPE2416 (2024)
Target Setting in Contests with Sabotage Chung, A.CWPE2409 (2024)
Interconnected Conflict Dziubiński, M., Goyal, S., Zhou, J.CWPE2408 (2024)
Experimental Evidence on the Relation Between Network Centrality and Individual Choice Choi, S., Goyal, S., Guo, F., Moisan, F. CWPE2401 (2024)
Corporate Culture and Organizational Fragility Elliott, M., Golub, B., Leduc, M. V. CWPE2314 (2023)
Matching and Information Design in Marketplaces Elliott, M., Galeotti, A., Koh, A., Li, W.CWPE2313 (2023)
A Capability Approach to Merger Review Boa, I., Elliott, M., Foster, D.CWPE2312 (2023)
The Emergence of Enforcement Anderlini, L., Felli, L., Piccone, M. CWPE2250 (2022)
Carbon pricing and industrial competitiveness: Border adjustment or free allocation? Ritz, R.CWPE2234 (2022)
Third-Party Sale of Information Evans, R., Park, I-U.CWPE2233 (2022)
Clubs and Networks Ding, S., Dziubinski, M., Goyal, S.CWPE2175 (2021)
Relational Contracts and Trust in a High-Tech Industry Calzolari, G., Felli, L., Koenen, J., Spagnolo, G. and Stahl, K. O. CWPE2154 (2021)
Global Carbon Price Asymmetry Ritz, R.CWPE2145 (2021)
The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout: Behavioral and Policy Responses Auld, C. and Toxvaerd, F.M.O. CWPE2136 (2021)
Contacts, Altruism and Competing Externalities Toxvaerd, F.M.O.CWPE2135 (2021)
Approachability with Discounting Carmona, G. and Sabourian, H. CWPE2124 (2021)
Market Segmentation Through Information Elliott, M., Galeotti., A., Koh., A, and Li, W.CWPE2105 (2021)
Rules and Mutation - A Theory of How Efficiency and Rawlsian Egalitarianism/Symmetry May Emerge Juang, W-T. and Sabourian, H.CWPE2101 (2021)
Climate targets, executive compensation, and corporate strategy Ritz, R.CWPE2098 (2020)
Great Expectations: Social Distancing in Anticipation of Pharmaceutical Innovations Makris, M. and Toxvaerd, F.M.O.CWPE2097 (2020)
Going beyond default intensities in an EU carbon border adjustment mechanism Mehling, M., and Ritz, R.CWPE2087 (2020)
Investments in Social Ties, Risk Sharing and Inequality Ambrus, A. and Elliott, M.CWPE2071 (2020)
Bargaining Foundations for Price Taking in Matching Markets Elliott, M. and Talamàs, E.CWPE2070 (2020)
Capability Accumulation and Conglomeratization in the Information Age Chen, J., Elliott, M. and Koh, A. CWPE2069 (2020)
Systemic Risk-Shifting in Financial Networks Elliott, M., Georg, C-P. and Hazell, J.CWPE2068 (2020)
Herding in Quality Assessment: An Application to Organ Transplantation De Mel, S., Munshi, K., Reiche, S. and Sabourian, H.CWPE2052 (2020)
Border Carbon Adjustments and Industrial Competitiveness in a European Green Deal Evans, S., Mehling, M., Ritz, R. and Sammon, P.CWPE2036 (2020)
On the Influence of Top Journals Ductor, L., Goyal, S., van der Leij, M. and Paez, G. N.CWPE2029 (2020)
Supply Network Formation and Fragility Elliott, M., Golub, B. and Leduc, M. V. CWPE2028 (2020)
Equilibrium Social Distancing Toxvaerd, F.M.O.CWPE2021 (2020)
Overlapping Climate Policies Perino, G., Ritz, R., van Benthem, A.CWPE20111 (2020)
Carbon cost pass-through in industrial sectors Neuhoff, K., Ritz, R.CWPE1988 (2019)
Does competition increase pass-through? Ritz, R.CWPE1974 (2019)
Capacity mechanisms and the technology mix in competitive electricity markets Holmberg, P., Ritz, R.CWPE1960 (2019)
Understanding overlapping policies: Internal carbon leakage and the punctured waterbed Perino, G., Ritz, R., Van Benthem, A.CWPE1920 (2019)
Strategic behaviour in a capacity market? The new Irish electricity market design Teirilä, J., Ritz, R.CWPE1863 (2018)
Gender & Collaboration Ductor, L, Goyal, S. and Prummer, A.CWPE1820 (2018)
A Network Approach to Public Goods Elliott, M. and Golub, B.CWPE1813 (2018)
Heterogeneity and Networks Goyal, S.CWPE1812 (2018)
Targeting Interventions in Networks Galeotti, A., Golub, B. and Goyal, S.CWPE1744 (2017)
Commitment and (In)Efficiency: A Bargaining Experiment Agranov, M. and Elliott, M.CWPE1743 (2017)
Decentralized Bargaining in Matching Markets: Efficient Stationary Equilibria and the Core Elliott, M. and Nava, F.CWPE1742 (2017)
Socially Embedded Preferences, Environmental Externalities, and Reproductive Rights Dasgupta, A. and Dasgupta, P.CWPE1724 (2017)
Integration and Diversity Goyal, S., Hernández, P., Martínez-Cánovasz, G., Moisan, F., Muñoz-Herrera, M. and Sánchez, A.CWPE1721 (2017)
Oligopolistic competition and welfare Ritz, Robert A.CWPE1680 (2016)
Birth and Death Dasgupta, P.CWPE1660 (2016)
Networks and Markets Goyal, S.CWPE1652 (2016)
OPEC vs US shale oil: Analyzing the shift to a market-share strategy Behar, A. and Ritz, R.CWPE1623 (2016)
A Coasian Approach to Efficient Mechanism Design Safronov, M.CWPE1619 (2016)
Financial Linkages, Portfolio Choice and Systemic Risk Galeotti, A., Ghiglinoy , C. and Goyal, S.CWPE1612 (2016)
Strategic investment, multimarket interaction and competitive advantage: An application to the natural gas industry Ritz, R.CWPE1603 (2016)
Information Acquisition and Exchange in Social Networks Goyal, S., Rosenkranz, S., Weitze, U. and Buskens, V.CWPE1566 (2015)
Conflict and Networks Dziubinski, M., Goyal, S. and Vigier, A.CWPE1565 (2015)
Networks in the laboratory Choi, S., Gallo, E. and Kariv, S.CWPE1551 (2015)
Social Structure, Markets and Inequality Gagnon, J. and Goyal, S.CWPE1549 (2015)
Networks in Economics: A Perspective on the Literature Goyal, S.CWPE1548 (2015)
Contagion Risk and Network Design Cerdeiro, D., Dziubinski, M. and Goyal, S.CWPE1547 (2015)
Efficiency and equilibrium in network games: An experiment Gallo, E. and Yan, C.CWPE1546 (2015)
The Simple Economics of Asymmetric Cost Pass-Through Ritz, R.CWPE1515 (2015)
Strategic investment and international spillovers in natural gas markets Ritz, R. A.CWPE1510 (2015)
Interaction, Protection and Epidemics Goyal, S. and Vigier, A.CWPE1458 (2014)
Trading in Networks: Theory and Experiments Cho, S., Galeotti, A. and Goyal, S.CWPE1457 (2014)
Attack, Defense and Contagion in Networks Goyal, S. and Vigier, A.CWPE1451 (2014)
How to Defend a Network? Dziubinski, M. and Goyal, S.CWPE1450 (2014)
Communication networks in markets Gallo, E.CWPE1431 (2014)
How do banks respond to increased funding uncertainty? Ritz, R. A. and Walther, A.CWPE1414 (2014)
Optimal Altruism in Public Good Provision Hahn, R. and Ritz, R.CWPE1403 (2014)
The Nature of Economic Development and the Economic Development of Nature Dasgupta, P.CWPE1349 (2013)
Does the social Cost of Carbon Matter?: An Assessment of U.S. Policy Hahn, R. and Ritz, R.CWPE1346 (2013)
Price Discrimination and Limits to Arbitrage in Global LNG Markets Ritz, R.CWPE1340 (2013)
On welfare losses due to imperfect competition Ritz, R. A.CWPE1334 (2013)
Strategy-Proof Stochastic Assignment Erdil, A.CWPE1333 (2013)
Emissions Trading with Profit-Neutral Permit Allocations Hepburn, C. J., Quah, J.-H. and Ritz, R. A.CWPE1235 (2012)
How do banks respond to increased funding uncertainty? Ritz, R. A.CWPE1213 (2012)
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Recent Publications

Choi, S., Goyal, S. and Moisan, F. Brokerage Rents and Intermediation Networks Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America [2023]

Dasgupta, P. and Levin, S. Economic Factors Underlying Biodiversity Loss Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B [2023]

Ductor, L., Goyal, S. and Prummer, A. Gender and Collaboration Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 105(6) (2023) [2023]

Selected CWPE


Corporate Culture and Organizational Fragility, Elliott, M., Golub, B., Leduc, M. V.


Third-Party Sale of Information, Evans, R., Park, I-U.


A Capability Approach to Merger Review, Boa, I., Elliott, M., Foster, D.