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Faculty of Economics

Professor Sriya Iyer
Professor of Economics

Research Interests
Development Economics, Religion, Demography, Education

Dr William H Janeway
Senior Teaching Associate

Research Interests
Economics of Innovation, Venture Capital

Professor Koen Jochmans
Professor of Theoretical Econometrics

Research Interests
Econometric Theory, Microeconometrics

Dr Myungun Kim
College Lecturer (Robinson College)

Research Interests
Firm-level Productivity, Innovation and Market Power, Micro-Econometrics

Mr Oleg Kitov
College Lecturer in Economics (Selwyn College)

Research Interests
Time-series Econometrics, Empirical Macroeconomics, Income Distribution and Inequality

Dr Yegor Klochkov
Cambridge-INET Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests
Time Series, Network analysis and Concentration inequalities.

Mr Nigel Knight
Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies (Churchill College)

Research Interests
Political Economy

Dr Vasileios Kotsidis
Senior Teaching Associate

Research Interests
Microeconomics, Game Theory

Dr Domique Lauga
College Lecturer (Fellow at Emmanuel College)

Research Interests
Marketing strategy; innovation and product development; advertising; behavioural industrial organisation; experimental economics

Professor Tony Lawson
Professor of Economics and Philosophy

Research Interests
Social ontology, philosophy of science, political economy and history of thought

Dr Clive Lawson
College Teaching Officer (Girton College)

Research Interests
Aviation and the Environment, Philosophy of Technology, Social Ontology, Methodology of Economics, History of Thought

Hanbaek Lee
Research Associate

Research Interests
Macroeconomics and Finance, with a particular focus on the aggregate implications of micro-level heterogeneity

Dr Ines Lee
Junior Research Fellow in Economics (Homerton College)

Research Interests
Applied Microeconomics: Healthcare, Education, Labour

Professor Oliver Linton
Professor of Political Economy
Director of Research

Research Interests
Econometric Theory and practice; Empirical Finance

Dr Kai Liu
University Associate Professor

Research Interests
Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Economics of China

Dr Saite Lu
Senior Teaching Associate

Research Interests
Sustainable Development, Macroeconomics, National Accounting and Structural Econometric Modelling

Professor Pierre Mella-Barral
Senior Teaching Associate

Research Interests

Dr Kamiar Mohaddes
Associate Professor in Economics & Policy (Judge Business School) and Fellow in Economics (King's College)

Research Interests
Macroeconomics; Global and National Macroeconometric Modelling; Energy Economics; Climate Change.

Dr Mary Murphy
Director of Studies Economics
(Lucy Cavendish College)

Research Interests
Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship, World Risk


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