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Faculty of Economics

BA in Economics Quote

The undergraduate course in Economics at Cambridge aims to give you a broad and solid understanding of economics. It allows you to study the core of economics in considerable depth, using mathematical and statistical techniques, while it also gives you a more comprehensive perspective on economics, incorporating historical, political and social insights.

This statement is to make clear the Faculty and University's position on the Mathematics requirements for admission to study for the BA Economics at Cambridge:

A-level Mathematics (or equivalent) is an essential requirement for studying Economic. A-level Further Mathematics is neither necessary nor essential for admission, although taking Further Mathematics at AS/A Level (or equivalent) can be very useful for the course.


Why choose to study Economics at Cambridge?


Course Description

The Economics Tripos is a three-year undergraduate degree programme in Economics and consists of three parts, known as Part I, Part IIA and Part IIB. The examinations for each part take place at the end of the first, second and third year, respectively, and are classed Tripos examinations (the classes being First, Upper Second (2.1), Lower Second (2.2) and Third). The exams are stand-alone examinations, and marks are not carried forward to later years. Economics candidates will, however, be required to pass the relevant examinations (i.e. to obtain at least a Third) if they are to continue from Part I to Part IIA and from Part IIA to Part IIB.


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