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Book Reviews

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  • Instrumental variables by R. Bowden and D. Turkington, in Economica, 1986.
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  • Rational Expectations Econometrics, by Hansen & Sargent, in Economica, 60, No.239, August 1993.
  • Comparative Review of the papers by Anderson & Vahid, Bearse/Bozdogan/ Schlottmann, and van Driel/Nadall/ Zeelenberg, in J. Magnus and M. Morgan(eds), 1997.
  • The Experiment in Applied Econometrics, Journal of Applied Econometrics Special Issue, Vol.12, pp.500-503, 527-529, 586-587. (Also in J. Magnus and M. Morgan (eds), Methodology and Tacit Knowledge: Two Experiments in Econometrics, 1999, Chichester, John Wiley)