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Publications 1996-

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Working Papers

  • Robertson D and S Wright (2009) "The Limits to Stock Return Predictability" Download pdf 
  • Keil, M., Robertson, D. and Symons, J (2009) "Univariate Regressions of Employment on Minimum Wages in the Panel of U.S. States" Download pdf 
  • Robertson D and Wright S (2009) "Testing For Redundant Predictor Variables" Download pdf 
  • Robertson, D., and Symons, J. (2000), "Factor Residuals in SUR Regressions: Estimating Panels Allowing for Cross Sectional Correlation". Download pdf 
  • Keil, M., Robertson, D. and Symons, J (2001) "Minimum Wages and Employment" Download pdf 
  • Robertson,D and Wright,S (2002) "The Good News and the Bad News about Long Run Stock Market Returns" Download pdf 
  • Robertson,D and Wright,S (2002) "What Does Q Predict?" Download pdf 

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