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Research Interests

Network Theory, Network Design; Microeconomic Theory, Games on Networks and Competition Regulation


George is currently completing a DPhil at Oxford, which he undertook after a period of working in competition economics. His work focuses on competition within large, online platforms, like Amazon and AirBnB. His broader research interests include: network theory particularly with regards to network design; as well microeconomic theory more generally; games on networks and competition regulation.

Recent Publications

Job Market Paper

Charlson, G., Digital Gold? Pricing, Inequality and Participation in Data Markets

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Charlson, G. Digital Gold? Pricing, Inequality and Participation in Data Markets, (2022) CWPE2258
Charlson, G. In platforms we trust: misinformation on social networks in the presence of social mistrust, (2022) CWPE2204
Charlson, G. Third-Degree Price Discrimination in the Age of Big Data, (2021) CWPE2159
Charlson, G. Rating the Competition: Seller Ratings and Intra-Platform Competition, (2021) CWPE2106
Charlson, G. Searching for Results: Optimal Platform Design in a Network Setting, (2020) CWPE20118

Research Activities

Networks Webinar Series - George Charlson
The Janeway Institute hosts the Networks Webinar Series which is organised by George Charlson, Sanjeev Goyal, Matt Elliott

On Friday 28th October 2022, 3.00pm - 4.00 pm, the speaker will be George Charlson (Cambridge). Title: Digital Gold? Pricing, Inequality and Participation in Data Markets
Published on - Monday 17th October 2022

Young Academics Networks Conference
Cambridge-INET are holding a three day conference that showcases young academics working in networks. The event will take place from Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rd June 2021 and will be held online. See the event page for more details.
Event Date - Tuesday 1st June 2021 - Thursday 3rd June 2021

George Charlson

Janeway Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Janeway Institute Research Theme:
Networks, Crowds and Markets

Contact Details
Room: 88
College: Christ's College


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