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Research Interests

Industrial organization, energy & environmental economics, applied microeconomics

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Ritz, R. Does Competition Increase Pass-Through?, RAND Journal of Economics, vol 55(1) (2024) pp. 140-165
Mehling, M. A. and Ritz, R. From Theory to Practice: Determining Emissions in Traded Goods Under a Border Carbon Adjustment, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol 39 (2023) pp. 123-133
Ritz, R. Global Carbon Price Asymmetry, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol 114 (2022)
Ritz, R. Linking Executive Compensation to Climate Performance, California Management Review, vol 64(3) (2022)
Evans, S., Mehling, M. A., Ritz, R. and Sammon, P. Border Carbon Adjustments and Industrial Competitiveness in a European Green Deal, Climate Policy, vol 21 no. 3 (2021) pp. 307-317
Holmberg, P. and Ritz, R. Optimal Capacity Mechanisms for Competitive Electricity Markets, The Energy Journal, vol 41 (2020)
Ritz, R. A Strategic Perspective on Competition between Pipeline Gas and LNG, The Energy Journal, vol 40 no. 5 (2019)
Teirilä, J. and Ritz, R. Strategic Behaviour in a Capacity Market? The New Irish Electricity Market Design, The Energy Journal, vol 40 (2019)

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Ritz, R. Carbon pricing and industrial competitiveness: Border adjustment or free allocation?, (2022) CWPE2234
Ritz, R. Global Carbon Price Asymmetry, (2021) CWPE2145
Ritz, R. Climate targets, executive compensation, and corporate strategy, (2020) CWPE2098
Mehling, M., and Ritz, R. Going beyond default intensities in an EU carbon border adjustment mechanism, (2020) CWPE2087
Genakos, C., Grey, F., and Ritz, R. Generalized linear competition: From pass-through to policy, (2020) CWPE2078

Recent Activities

Appointment to Ofgem's Academic Panel - Publication Date: 2018-06-26
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Ritz, Assistant Director of the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Cambridge, has been appointed as a member of the Academic Panel at Ofgem, the regulator for electricity and natural gas markets in Great Britain.

Dr Robert Ritz

Senior Research Associate (Economics & Policy) & Assistant Director, Energy Policy Research Group (ERPG)

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Microeconomic Theory

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