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Research Projects


  • 2002 Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, “Reliable Estimation and Inference for Moment Condition Models”, 2003/6: $109,082. 8.2 ESRC
  • “Firms’ Estimates and Expectations of Output Growth: A Study of Individual Responses from the C.B.I. Surveys”, (with M.R.Weale), 2000/1: $88,706.
  • “The Quality of Approximate Inference based on Conditional Moment Tests and Estimators”, (with A. Chesher and S. Peters), 1998/2000: $90,808.
  • “Automatic Leading Indicators”, (with M.R.Weale), 1997/9: $118,695.
  • “Issues in the Specification, Estimation and Testing of Models for Complex Data Sets”, (with K. Lee, S. Pudney, M.H. Pesaran, A. Hughes and J. Thomas), 1993/6: $200,000.
  • “An Economic Analysis of the Impact of YTS on the UK Youth Labour Market”, (with M.J. Andrews, S. Bradley, S. Pudney and J. Thomas), 1993/5: $139,095.
  • “Econometrics Research Seminar Group”, (with L. Gill and C.H.D. Meghir), 1991/3: $10,000.
  • “Evaluating Diagnostic Tests for Cross-Section Econometric Models”, (with R.W. Blundell and A. Chesher), 1986/9: $31,950.
  • “Econometrics Research Seminar Group”, (with R.W. Blundell), 1984/1988: $23,831. 8.3 Other
  • CSO/Treasury: “Cyclical Indicators and Monthly GDP”, (with M.R. Weale and S. Wright), 1994/5: $41,500.
  • Royal Economic Society/Society of Economic Analysis: “Econometrics Research Seminar Group”, (with L. Gill and C.H.D. Meghir), 1990/1: $5,000.
  • Department of Social Security: “The Effect of Unemployment upon the Economic Activity of the Partner using Data from the 1987 Survey of Incomes In and Out of Work”, (with S. Pudney and J. Thomas), 1990: $16,328.
  • Nuffield Foundation: “An Analysis of Transitions in the Youth Labour Market”, (with M.J. Andrews), 1988/9: $3,000.


Professor Richard J Smith

Professor of Econometric Theory and Economic Statistics

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Room: 74
College: Fellow of Gonville and Caius College