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Research Interests

Decision theory, decision neuroscience, computational complexity, asset pricing, general equilibrium, financial econometrics

Research Projects

Peter’s activities are detailed on the Leverhulme International Professorship in Neuroeconomics Team Website
The website is:

Selected Publications

Published Papers

Bossaerts, P., Bowman, E., Fattinger, F., Huang, H., Lee, M., Murawski, C., Suthakar, A., Tang, S. and Yadav, N. Resource Allocation, Computational Complexity, and Market Design, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance vol 42 (2024)
Bowman, E., Coghill, D., Murawski, C. and Bossaerts, P. Not so smart? “Smart” drugs increase the level but decrease the quality of cognitive effort, Science Advances vol 9(24) (2023)

Recent Activities

Study drugs make us worse at problem-solving
A study by the Faculty's Professor Peter Bossaerts has been featured in the Economist.
Published on - Wednesday 28th June 2023

Study shows ‘smart’ drugs can decrease motivation and productivity
New research from the University of Cambridge and University of Melbourne shows workers and students taking so-called cognitive enhancers or ‘smart’ drugs may be inhibiting their performance and productivity.
Published on - Friday 16th June 2023

Markov Decision Process and Reinforcement Learning Workshop
The Janeway Institute and the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Economics at the National University of Singapore co-sponsored a workshop on "Markov Decision Process and Reinforcement Learning", from 22nd-23rd September 2023.
Event Date - Friday 22nd September 2023 - Saturday 23rd September 2023

Neuro Tensors in Finance Mini-Conference
The Janeway Institute is organising a mini-conference on Neuro Tensors in Finance. It will be held in the Faculty of Economics, in March 2023.
Event Date - Thursday 16th March 2023


MPhil F520 - Behavioural Finance
Phd10 - Economic Theory

PhD Students


Li Quan
PhD Title:

Professor Peter Bossaerts

Leverhulme International Professor of Neuroeconomics

Research Group:
Microeconomic Theory

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