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AMP Further Information & Application

Preparing a competitive application to PhD Economics programmes can be a difficult task for applicants who have little or no access to people who have experience with the process. Some applicants benefit tremendously from the help and insights provided by family or friends who are themselves academics or who are otherwise familiar with admissions into top academic programmes. Unfortunately, access to such a network of expertise is particularly rare for applicants from groups who are underrepresented in economics.

The Applicant Mentoring Programme (AMP) is an inter-university initiative that aims to reduce these information barriers.To apply for mentoring, please visit the main AMP website. There you will also be able to find out more about the initiative, such as information on eligibility and more information on the support offered. If you consider applying for postgraduate studies in Economics at Cambridge, both applicants to the MPhil in Economic Research and the PhD in Economics will be considered.

Please note that although the programme is endorsed by the Faculty of Economics, it is entirely student-led and enrolment in the AMP will in no way affect the outcome of your admissions process.

The AMP is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis until we have reached capacity.