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Faculty of Economics


MPhil in Economics and Data Science, from Autumn 2024

Economics at Cambridge is ranked at number 1 in UK by the Complete University Guide , ranked 3rd by the Guardian and the University Times and ranked at number 6 in the world according to the Times Higher Education.

We offer one undergraduate and six postgraduate programmes of studies. For detailed descriptions of the programmes, entry requirements and general information, click the corresponding links below.

Advanced Diploma in Economics

This is a nine month taught course for students whose first degree contains little or no economics. It provides a qualification equivalent to a second bachelor’s degree in economics and is the first step towards continuing to master’s or PhD studies in Economics.

“It is demanding and will inject a lot of econ knowledge into the minds of hard-working students.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2018

“I came into this program hoping for a crash course in economics, and that's exactly what I got.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2017

MPhil in Economics

This taught master’s degree will equip you with the tools needed by a professional economist. The degree will give the technical training required to undertake a career in government, central banking, international organisations or private sector firms such as economic consultancies.

“I can say with certainty that I am a better economist, mathematician and critical thinker following completion of the program. I largely found the content to be interesting, challenging and stimulating.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2019

“For students willing to enter the Economics Consulting industry, this programme is a good choice. It prepares students well and there exist good networks and connections.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2019

MPhil in Economic Research

This is a taught master’s degree for students with an undergraduate degree in economics who wish to continue to PhD studies. It is the foundation year for the PhD programme and involves a thorough study of the core areas of economics and the exploration of one area in detail, in order to begin the process of choosing a PhD research topic. It also serves as an excellent foundation for other research-focused roles outside academia.

“The course is overall excellent: demanding, challenging and rigorous. The content is covered at an advanced level.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2017

“[The] course successfully achieves all the aims it intends to achieve. [It] brings together the fundamentals of graduate level economics very well.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2019

MPhil in Finance and Economics

This is a one-year taught master's degree that combines advanced study and research. It is tailored for people with one year or less of work experience who intend to go on to work for industry and the financial sector.

“Very rewarding experience [that] equipped me with the necessary knowledge and more to enter into the real world.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2017

“I find this course intense but quite rewarding. Not only the course has strengthened what I have learned from my undergraduate [studies], but also it led me to the latest research and development in this subject.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2019

MPhil in Economics and Data Science

This taught master’s degree will equip you to apply advanced data science techniques to economic analysis and decision making. The degree will give the technical training required to pursue a career in fields such as consulting, government, academia, and the private sector. The is a one-year ( or two year part-time) course designed primarily for those who wish to achieve a master’s qualification before leaving academic economics.


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PhD in Economics

This is a research course with an aim to produce high-quality, original, and publishable research in Economics over a period of three to four years. Students already studying for the MPhil in Economic Research degree at Cambridge may apply to continue to the PhD. Applications for direct entry to the PhD from candidates with a high-quality Master’s degree in economics from other universities are also considered.

“The combination of a taught element through courses and a research element works nicely and the ability to undertake directed reading is a good method to make sure you can cover material which
doesn't fall under any specific course.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2017

“Availability of courses and flexibility in choosing options is excellent.”

Student feedback questionnaire, 2019