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Research Interests

Development Economics

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Porzio, T., Rossi, F. and Santangelo, G. The Human Side of Structural Transformation, American Economic Review vol 112 no. 8 (2022) pp. 2774-2814

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Santangelo, G. Firms and Farms: The Local Effects of Farm Income on Firms’ Demand, (2019) CWPE1924
Porzio, T. and Santangelo, G. Does Schooling Cause Structural Transformation?, (2019) CWPE1925


PIIA Paper 4 - Development Theory and Applications
PIIB Paper 7 - Public Economics
PIIB Paper 8 - The Microeconomics of Economic Development

PhD Students


Sarur Chaudhary
PhD Title:
Research: International Trade, Digital Economy and Development Economics

Dr Gabriella Santangelo

University Associate Professor

Research Group:
Empirical Microeconomics

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Room: 44
Office Hours: By appointment
College: Fellow of St. John's College