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Transport: Road and Rail

Journal Articles

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Chapters in Books (excluding reprints)

Newbery, D.M. (2005) ‘Road User and Congestion Charges’ in S. Cnossen (ed.) Theory and Practice of Excise Taxation Oxford: OUP.

Affuso, L. and D.M. Newbery (2003) ‘Case Study: The provision of Rail Services’ chapter forthcoming in Auctions and Beauty Contests: A Policy Perspective, ed. M.C.W. Janssen

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Published Conference Proceedings

Santos, G., D. Newbery and L. Rojey (2001), ‘Traffic Management with Congestion Charging in Different English Towns’, presented at the 9th World Conference on Transport Research, Seoul, Korea, July 22-27, 2001.

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Newbery, D.M. (1994) ‘The Case for a Public Road Authority’, pp 28-35 in An Integrated Transport Policy: How Can It Be Achieved in a True Market Economy? Proceedings of 11th Annual Conference of Major Projects Assocation, Major Projects Association, Templeton College, Oxford

Official Working Papers not elsewhere listed

Newbery, D.M. and G. Santos, (2002) “Estimating urban road congestion charges”, CEPR Discussion paper 3176

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Papers not elsewhere listed

Newbery, D. and G. Santos (2003), ‘Area Speed-Flow Relationships and Urban Congestion Costs’, presented at the International Symposium on the Theory and Practice of Congestion Charging, Imperial College London, August 18-20. Download PDF

Newbery, D.M. (2002) ‘Reform of road taxation and charging’, pp33-6 in The 10-Year Transport Plan - will we ever get there, Proceedings of the AA’s Second Westminster Seminar on Transport Investment, The Automobile Association, August 2002

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