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Research Interests

Sustainable Development, Macroeconomics, National Accounting and Structural Econometric Modelling

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Li, W., Lu, S., 2024 Assessing Structural Transformation and the Potential Impacts of Belt and Road Initiative Projects in Africa. Eur J Dev Res.

Lu, S., Coutts, K., Gudgin, G., 2024. Energy shocks and inflation episodes in the UK. Energy Economics 129, 107208.

Lu, S., Shen, J.H., Li, W., Zhang, J., 2020. A theory of economic development and dynamics of Chinese economy. Economic Modelling 86, 69–87. - ScienceDirect

Books and Book Chapters

Chinese infrastructure investment in Africa. 2020. In: De Cremer, D., McKern, B., and Mcguire,J., ed. The Belt and Road Initiative: opportunities and challenges of a Chinese economic ambition. London: Sage

Working Papers

The CER doppelganger index does not provide a credible measure of the impact of Brexit - UK in a changing Europe (

Trust and Productivity Growth - An Empirical Analysis - Bennett Institute for Public Policy (

Research Grants

Using administrative data to understand community well-being - Nuffield Foundation

Blog articles

Does kindness have a place in modern economics? | Baringa

Which investments in human capital will boost productivity growth? - Economics Observatory

How intangible assets can help alleviate the regional disparity - Bennett Institute for Public Policy (

China’s Infrastructure Investment in Africa - A Case of Sierra Leone - A-id

China’s role in South Sudan’s economic development - A-id

Dr Saite Lu

Mead Research Fellow and College Lecturer (Emmanuel College)

Research Group:
Economic History

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