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Faculty of Economics

Dr Toke Aidt
Reader in Economics
Director of the Keynes Fund

Research Interests
Political Economics

Dr Patrick Allmis
Janeway Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests
Social and Economic Networks, Network Formation, Network Games

Dr Noriko Amano-Patiño
University Assistant Professor

Research Interests
Analyzing Inequalities Across Racial, Gender, and Hierarchical Groups

Michael Ashby
College Associate Professor in Economics, Downing College

Research Interests
Empirical Finance (especially Empirical Asset Pricing), Portfolio Construction, Time-series Econometrics (especially Forecasting)

Dr Nazanin Babolmorad
Leverhulme International Professorship in Neuroeconomics Research Associate

Research Interests
Behavioral Finance, Network Science, Textual Analysis, and Machine Learning

Dr Seda Basihos
Junior Research Fellow in Economics (King's College)

Research Interests
Political Economy of Capitalist Systems, Long-run Economic Growth, and Technological Transitions

Dr Victoria Bateman
Fellow and College Lecturer in Economics (Gonville and Caius College)

Research Interests
Economic history; Historical development of the market economy; Economic growth from a historical perspective

Dr Max Beber
Fellow in Economics (Sidney Sussex College)

Research Interests
European Integration

Dr Francisco Beltran
Deakin Fellow in Economics (Magdalene College)

Research Interests
Economic history

Professor Debopam Bhattacharya
Professor of Econometrics

Research Interests
Empirical Microeconomics and Micro-econometrics

Professor Florin Bilbiie
Professor of Macroeconomics

Research Interests
Aggregate Demand w/ Heterogeneity and Inequality; Aggregate Supply w/ Entry and Variety; Business Cycles and Monetary and Fiscal Stabilization Policies

Dr Juan Block
College Assistant Professor (Clare College)

Research Interests
Game Theory, Microeconomics, Experimental Economics

Dr Leonard Bocquet
Janeway Institute and ERC Micro2Macro Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Labour Economics and Trade plus tools from Network Economics

Professor Peter Bossaerts
Leverhulme International Professor of Neuroeconomics

Research Interests
Decision theory, decision neuroscience, computational complexity, asset pricing, general equilibrium, financial econometrics

Charles Brendon
El-Erian Fellow in Macroeconomics

Research Interests
Macroeconomic Theory and the Economics of Optimal Taxation

Dr Ivano Cardinale
Reader, Goldsmiths, University of London

Research Interests
Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Economic Theory

Professor Vasco Carvalho
Professor of Macroeconomics
Director of the Janeway Institute

Research Interests
Macroeconomics; Networks in Economics; Applied Econometrics

Dr Daniele Cassese
Isaac Newton Trust Academic Career Development Fellow

Research Interests
Networks, Complex systems, Topological data analysis.

Professor Tiago Cavalcanti
Professor of Economics

Research Interests
Macroeconomics, Growth, Economic Development.

Dr Yujiang River Chen
Affiliated Lecturer

Research Interests
Labour Economics, Urban Economics and Micro-Econometrics

Chuan-Han Cheng
Research Associate

Research Interests

Dr Collin Constantine
College Lecturer and Official Fellow of Economics (Girton College)

Research Interests
Open Economy Macroeconomics, International Trade & Regional Integration, Economic Development & Growth, Income & Wealth Inequality, Stratification Economics, Political Economy of Institutions

Professor Giancarlo Corsetti
Pierre Werner Chair at the European University Institute

Research Interests
International Economics and Open Economy Macroeconomics

Dr Ken Coutts
Emeritus Researcher

Research Interests
Open-economy models of debt dynamics; visible and invisible earnings in the balance of payments; macroeconomic policy; inflation; industrial pricing behaviour

Professor Meredith Crowley
Professor of Economics
Research Fellow, CEPR (London)

Research Interests
International trade and trade policy

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta
Emeritus Professor, Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics

Research Interests
Economics of Poverty and Nutrition. Environmental Economics. Economic Measurement. Economics of Knowledge.

Dr Jeremy Edwards
Emeritus Reader in Economics

Research Interests
Economic history, the economics of institutions, and the relationship between education and economic growth.

Professor Matthew Elliott
Professor of Economics
Faculty Executive Director of Research

Research Interests
Networked Markets; Network Games; Bargaining; Cascades on Networks; Search; Matching

Professor Aytek Erdil
Professor of Economics

Research Interests
Economic Theory, Market Design

Professor Robert Evans
Professor of Economic Theory

Research Interests
Game theory, bargaining theory, industrial organisation and contract theory.


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