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Faculty of Economics

Professor Christopher Rauh
Professor of Economics and Data Science

Research Interests
Labour Economics, Political Economy

Dr Cristiano Ristuccia
Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies in Economics (Trinity Hall)

Research Interests
Production, Technology and Economic Growth during the 20th Century

Dr Robert Ritz
Senior Research Associate (Economics & Policy) & Assistant Director, Energy Policy Research Group (ERPG)

Research Interests
Industrial organization, energy & environmental economics, applied microeconomics

Professor Donald Robertson
Professor of Economics

Research Interests
Applied Macroeconomics and Finance. Econometrics.

Dr Alexander Rodnyansky
University Assistant Professor

Research Interests
International Finance, Finance, Empirical Political Economy

Dr Isabelle Roland
College Lecturer (St Johns College)

Research Interests
Impact of Financial Frictions on Productivity and Growth

Professor Bob Rowthorn
Emeritus Professor

Research Interests
Economic growth, employment and inequality; economics of the family

Professor Hamid Sabourian
Professor of Economics and Game Theory

Research Interests
Economic theory and game theory

Dr Mikhail Safronov
University Assistant Professor

Research Interests
Microeconomic Theory

Professor Mark Salmon
Affiliated Professor

Research Interests
Finance; Econometrics; Behavioural Finance

Dr Gabriella Santangelo
University Associate Professor

Research Interests
Development Economics

Dr Ali Sen
Janeway Institute and The Productivity Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests
Productivity, Structural Change, Production Networks, and Economic Growth

Dr Julia Shvets
Senior College Lecturer (Christ's College)

Research Interests
Empirical micro, organizations, incentives, political economy.

Dr Jerome Simons
Research Associate

Research Interests
Equilibrium Relationships in Persistent Multivariate Time Series, Asymptotic Approximations

Professor Richard J Smith
Professor of Econometric Theory and Economic Statistics

Research Interests
Econometric theory, estimation and inference, hypothesis testing, model selection.

Professor Solomos Solomou
Professor of Economics & Economic History

Research Interests
In historical perspective, long cycles; business cycles; trade policy; exchange rate regimes and economic performance; weather and sectoral fluctuations

Dr Demosthenes N.  Tambakis
Fellow and Director of Studies in Economics and Finance (Pembroke College)

Research Interests
Monetary policy; Exchange rate dynamics; Financial crises

Dr Simon Taylor
Director, Master of Finance (JBS) and Fellow in Economics (St. Catharine's College)

Research Interests
The economics and financing of energy infrastructure, especially nuclear power; the methods of valuation and investment impact of equity research analysts.

Dr Flavio Toxvaerd
University Associate Professor

Research Interests
Microeconomic Theory. Game Theory. Finance. Industrial Organisation. Economic Epidemiology.

Dr Julius Vainora
University Assistant Professor

Research Interests
Econometrics, Machine Learning, Network Econometrics


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