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Faculty of Economics

Seminars This Week

For more information about Subject Seminars please contact

Due to COVID-19 this years Seminars will be taking place in person and online

05 Jun

Matt Elliot (Cambridge) Janeway Institute logo

Monday 5th June 2023 1:00pm
Keynes Room (Theory Workshop)

06 Jun

Simon Mongey (University of Chicago and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) Janeway Institute logo

"Pricing Inequality" joint with Michael Waugh
Tuesday 6th June 2023 3:30pm
Hybrid Meade to attend contact (Macro JI-Seminars)

07 Jun

Killian Bachmair (Cambridge)

"Testing for Market Efficiency in Carbon Emission Trading Markets"
Wednesday 7th June 2023 1:00pm
Hybrid Keynes. Contact: (Econometrics PhD)

07 Jun

Juan Rubio-Ramirez (Emory University) Janeway Institute logo

"Dividend Momentum and Stock Return Predictability: A Bayesian Approach*" joint with Juan Antolin-Diaz, Ivan Petrella
Wednesday 7th June 2023 2:00pm
Hybrid Keynes to attend contact (Econometrics-Macro-JI Seminar)

07 Jun

Debraj Ray - This event has been CANCELLED

Wednesday 7th June 2023 4:00pm
Hybrid Meade to attend contact (Microeconomics)