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Faculty of Economics

Seminars This Week

For more information about Subject Seminars please contact

Due to COVID-19 this years Seminars will be taking place in person and online

06 Feb

Christian Ghiglino (University of Essex) Janeway Institute logo

"The Dynamics of Social Identity, Inequality and Redistribution" joint with Andreas Muller
Monday 6th February 2023 1:00pm
Keynes Room (Theory Workshop)

06 Feb

Attila Lindner (UCL)

"Transactional Preferences and the Minimum Wage"
Monday 6th February 2023 1:00pm
Meade Room to attend contact (Empirical)

06 Feb

Professor Paolo Surico (London Business School)

"Short-Term Tax Cuts, Long-Term Stimulus" joint with James Cloyne, Joseba Martinez, and Haroon Mumtaz
Monday 6th February 2023 4:00pm
Hybrid Meade to attend contact (Special Seminar)

07 Feb

Mar Domenech (Cambridge)

"Inflation risk and heterogeneous trading down"
Tuesday 7th February 2023 1:00pm
Hybrid Meade (Macroeconomics PhD)

07 Feb

Ariel de Fauconberg (Judge Business School)

Tuesday 7th February 2023 12:30pm
Lecture Theatre 3, Judge Business School contact for details (Energy and Environment Seminar)

08 Feb

Alexandru Savu (Cambridge )

"Austerity, Turnout and Support for Radical Right Parties: The Case of Local Fiscal Rules"
Wednesday 8th February 2023 1:00pm
Hybrid Meade. Contact: (Applied Micro PhD)