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Faculty of Economics


Research Interests

Networks, Political Economy

Recent Publications

Job Market Paper

Langtry, A. More Connection, Less Community: Network Formation and Local Public Goods Provision

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Ghiglino,C., Langtry, A. Status Substitution and Conspicuous Consumption, (2023) CWPE2324

Research Activities

Faculty student wins Young Economist Award
Faculty of Economics student, Alastair Langtry, has been awarded the 2022 EEA Young Economist Award, for his paper “Keeping up with ‘The Joneses’: reference dependent choice with social comparisons”.
Published on - Friday 30th September 2022

Election Shock: Social Networks and Confirmation Bias
The prominent role of social media in elections exacerbates the tendency of voters to disregard information contrary to their beliefs, according to two University of Cambridge researchers. Dr Edoardo Gallo and Alastair Langtry in the new working paper 'Social networks, Confirmation Bias and Shock Elections' suggest this behaviour risks shock election outcomes, and pushes fringe media organisations to take even more extreme standpoints.
Published on - Monday 2nd November 2020

Supervisory Team

Alastair Langtry

PhD Student

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Microeconomic Theory

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