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Selected Articles


  • The Law of the Few, 2010, American Economic Review, (with A. Galeotti).
  • Keeping up with Neighbours: Social Interactions in a Market Economy, 2010, JEEA, (with C. Ghiglino).
  • Network Games, 2010. Review of Economic Studies, (with A. Galeotti, M. O. Jackson, F. Vega-Redondo and L. Yariv).
  • Structural holes in social networks, 2007, Journal of Economic Theory (with F. Vega-Redondo).
  • Unequal connections, 2006, International Journal of Game Theory (with S. Joshi).
  • Network formation with heterogeneous players, 2006, Games & Econ Behavior (with A. Galeotti, J. Kamphorst).
  • A non-cooperative model of network formation, 2000, Econometrica (with V. Bala).


  • Social Networks and Research Output, 2014, Review of Economics and Statistics (with L. Ductor, M. Fafchamps and M.J. van der Leij).
  • Strong ties in a small world, 2012, Review of Network Economics (with M. van der Leij).
  • Matching and Network effects, 2010, JEEA, (with M. Fafchamps and M. van der leij).
  • Economics: an emerging small world, 2006, Journal of Political Economy (with J.L. Moraga, M.van der Leij).


  • Information Acquisition and Exchange in Social Networks, 2017, to appear in Economic Journal (with S. Rosenkranz, U. Weitzel, and V. Buskens).
  • Network Cognition, 2016, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (with R. Dessi and E. Gallo).


  • Trading in Networks: Theory and Experiments, 2017, to appear in JEEA (with S. Choi and A. Galeotti).
  • Competitive Contagion in Networks, 2014, Games & Economic Behavior (with Hoda Hiedari and Michael Kearns).
  • Influencing the Influencers, 2009, Rand Journal, (with A. Galeotti).
  • Hybrid R&D. 2008, JEEA, (with J.L.Moraga and A. Konovalov).
  • Bilateralism and Free Trade, 2006, International Economic Review (with S. Joshi).
  • Networks of collaboration in oligopoly, 2003, Games & Econ. Behavior (with S. Joshi).
  • R&D networks, 2001, Rand Journal (with J.L. Moraga).


  • Learning in networks, 2011, Handbook of Social Economics (eds) J. Benhabib, A. Bisin and M.O. Jackson.
  • Learning in networks, 2005, in `Group Formation in Economics' (eds) G. Demange and M.Wooders. CUP.
  • Conformism and diversity under social learning, 2001, Economic Theory (with V. Bala).
  • Learning from neighbours, 1998, Review of Economic Studies (with V.Bala).
  • A Theory of Learning with Heterogeneous Agents, 1995, International Economic Review (with V. Bala).
  • The Birth of a New Market, 1994, Economic Journal (with V. Bala).


  • Networks, Markets and Inequality, 2017, American Economic Review (with J. Gagnon).
  • Favoritism, 2016, Journal of Development Economics (with Y. Bramoulle).
  • The political economy of regionalism, 2004, European Economic Review (with K. Staal).
  • Group Size and Collective Action: Third Party Monitoring in Common Pool Resources, 2001, Comparative Political Studies (with A. Agrawal).


  • Individual Security, Contagion and Network Design, 2017, to appear in Journal of Economic Theory (with D. Cerdeiro and M. Dziubinski).
  • How do you defend a network?, 2017, Theoretical Economics (with M. Dziubinski).
  • Conflict and Networks, 2016, in The Oxford Handbook of Networks edited by Y. Bramoulle, A Galeotti and B. Rogers (with M. Dziubinski and A. Vigier).
  • Attack, Defence and Contagion in Networks, 2014, Review of Economic Studies, (with A. Vigier).
  • Network Defence and Design, 2013, Games and Economic Behavior (with M. Dziubinski).


  • Network formation and social coordination, 2005, Games & Econ. Behavior (with F.Vega-Redondo).
  • Costs of Flexibility and Equilibrium Selection, 1997, Journal of Math. Economics (with B. Galesloot).
  • Non-Exclusive Conventions and Social Coordination, 1997, Journal of Economic Theory (with M. Janssen).
  • Interaction Structure and Social Change, 1996, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.


  • Networks and Markets, 2017, in Advances in Economics: Eleventh World Congress of the Econometric Society, edited by B. Honore, A. Pakes, M. Piazzesi and L. Samuelson.
  • Networks in Economics: A Perspective on the Literature, 2016, in The Oxford Handbook on Networks. Edited by Y. Bramoulle, A. Galeotti and B. Rogers.
  • Social Networks on the Web, 2012, Oxford Handbook of the Digital Economy, (eds) Martin Peitz and Joel Waldfogel.
  • Social networks in economics, 2011, in Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis, edited by J. Scott and P. Carrington.

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