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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Aidt, T., Lacroix, J., Meon, P-G. The Origins of Elite Persistence: Evidence from Political Purges in post-World War II France, CWPE2232 (2022)
Janeway, W. H., Nanda, R. and Rhodes-Kropf, M. Venture Capital Booms and Startup Financing, CWPE2147 (2021)
Aidt, T., Winer, S., Zhang, P. Franchise extension and fiscal structure in the United Kingdom 1820-1913: A new test of the Redistribution Hypothesis, CWPE2008 (2020)
Aidt, T., Grey, F., Savu, A. The Three Meaningful Votes: Voting on Brexit in the British House of Commons, CWPE1979 (2019)
Aidt, T., Rauh, C. The Rise of the “No Party” in England, CWPE1977 (2019)
Lloyd, S. and Solomou, S. The Impact of the 1932 General Tariff: A Difference-in-Difference Approach, CWPE1940 (2019)
Aidt, T. S., Albornoz, F. and Hauk, E. Foreign in influence and domestic policy: A survey, CWPE1928 (2019)
Aidt, T. S., Leon, G. and Satchell, M. The Social Dynamics of Collective Action: Evidence from the Captain Swing Riots, 1830-31, CWPE1751 (2017)
Beltràn Tapia, F., Díez-Minguela, A., Martínez-Galarraga, J. The Shadow of Cities: Size, Location and the Spatial Distribution of Population in Spain, CWPE1749 (2017)
Aidt, T. S. and Rauh, C. The Big Five personality traits and partisanship in England, CWPE1745 (2017)
Beltrán Tapia, F., Díez-Minguela, A. and Martinez-Galarraga, J. Tracing the Evolution of Agglomeration Economies: Spain, 1860-1991, CWPE1636 (2016)
Aidt, T. S., Castro, V. and Martins, R. Shades of red and blue: Political ideology and sustainable development, CWPE1635 (2016)
Aidt, T. S. Rent seeking and the economics of corruption, CWPE1621 (2016)
Rocha, B. and Solomou, S. The Effects of Systemic Banking Crises in the Inter-War Period, CWPE1503 (2015)
Aidt, T. S. and Leon, G. The Democratic Window of Opportunity: Evidence from Riots in sub-Saharan Africa, CWPE1417 (2014)
Ristuccia, C. A. and Solomou, S. Can general purpose technology theory explain economic growth? Electrical Power as a case study, CWPE1404 (2014)
Aidt, T. S. and Hwang, U. To Ban or Not to Ban: Foreign Lobbying and Cross National Externalities, CWPE1402 (2014)
Aidt, T. S. and Mooney, G. Voter suffrage and the political budget cycle: evidence from the London Metropolitan Boroughs 1902-1937, CWPE1401 (2014)
Aidt, T. S., Abornoz, F. and Gassebner, M. The Golden Hello and Political Transitions, CWPE1241 (2012)
Aidt, T. S. and Jensen, P. From Open to Secret Ballot: Vote Buying and Modernization, CWPE1221 (2012)
Aidt, T. S., Golden, M. and Tiwari, D. Incumbents and Criminals in the Indian National Legislature, CWPE1157 (2011)
Mitchell, J., Solomou, S. and Weale, M. Monthly GDP Estimates for Inter-War Britain, CWPE1155 (2011)
Aidt, T. S. and Shvets, J. Distributive Politics and Electoral Incentives: Evidence from Seven US State Legislatures, CWPE1130 (2011)
Aidt, T. S. and Jensen, P. S. Workers of the World, Unite! Franchise Extensions and the Threat of Revolution in Europe, 1820-1938, CWPE1102 (2011)
Aidt, T. S. Corruption and Sustainable Development, CWPE1061 (2010)
Ristuccia, C. A. and Solomou , S. General Purpose Technologies and Economic Growth: Electricity Diffusion in the Manufacturing Sector Before WWII, CWPE1048 (2010)
Aidt, T. S.. and Dutta, J. Fiscal Federalism and Electoral Accountability, CWPE1021 (2010)

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Economic History Research Group

This seminar series is a combination of eight seminar programmes. See the Faculty of History's seminar pages to more information.


Solomou, S. and Thomas, R. Updated Estimates of UK GDP from the Income Side, 1841–1920 The Economic History Review [2022]

Lennard, J., Meinecke, F. and Solomou, S. Measuring Inflation Expectations in Interwar Britain The Economic History Review [2022]

Selected CWPE


Franchise extension and fiscal structure in the United Kingdom 1820-1913: A new test of th..., Aidt, T., Winer, S., Zhang, P.