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Research Interests

Aggregate Demand w/ Heterogeneity and Inequality; Aggregate Supply w/ Entry and Variety; Business Cycles and Monetary and Fiscal Stabilization Policies

Selected Publications

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Bilbiie, F., Primiceri, G. E., Tambalotti, A. Inequality and Business Cycles, (2022) CWPE2275

Recent Activities

Macroeconomic and Financial History Mini-Conference
The Janeway Institute is sponsoring a mini-conference entitled 'Macroeconomic and Financial History'.

The event will be held in the Meade Room, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge on 20th March 2023, from 10am - 5pm.
Published on - Monday 30th January 2023

The Janeway Institute for Economics

Coordinator for Transmission Mechanisms and Economic Policy Research Theme

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

Bilbiie, F., Inequality and Business Cycles (JHVP)


Part IIB Paper 2 - Economic Growth
MPhil R200 - Advanced Macroeconomics

Professor Florin Bilbiie

Professor of Macroeconomics

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