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Faculty of Economics

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Michael Ashby
Williams Downing Fellow and College Teaching Officer in Economics, Downing College;
College Teaching Officer in Economics, St Edmund’s College;
College Teaching Officer in Economics, Hughes Hall

Research Interests
Empirical Finance (especially Empirical Asset Pricing), Portfolio Construction

Professor Debopam Bhattacharya
Professor of Econometrics

Research Interests
Empirical Microeconomics and Micro-econometrics

Professor Tony Cockerill
Leverhulme Emeritus Fellow

Research Interests
Industrial structure, performance and public policy

Professor Andrew Harvey
Professor of Econometrics

Research Interests
Time series; financial econometrics; state space models; signal extraction; volatility.

Mr Oleg Kitov
College Lecturer in Economics (Selwyn College)

Research Interests
Time-series Econometrics, Empirical Macroeconomics, Income Distribution and Inequality

Professor Oliver Linton
Professor of Political Economy
Director of Research

Research Interests
Econometric Theory and practice; Empirical Finance

Professor Alexey Onatskiy
Professor of Econometrics

Research Interests
Econometrics, statistics, factor models, large random matrices.

Professor M. Hashem Pesaran
Emeritus Professor of Economics, and Fellow of Trinity College, University of Cambridge.
John Elliott Distinguished Chair in Economics and Director of Centre for Applied Financial Economics at University of Southern California.
Director, USC Dornsife Center for Applied Financial Economics.

Research Interests
Econometric Analysis of Heterogeneous Panels. Panel/Global Vector Autoregressive Models(PVAR/GVAR). Long-run Structural Macroeconometrics

Professor Donald Robertson
Professor of Economics

Research Interests
Applied Macroeconomics and Finance. Econometrics.

Professor Mark Salmon
Affiliated Professor

Research Interests
Finance; Econometrics; Behavioural Finance

Professor Richard Smith
Professor of Econometric Theory and Economic Statistics

Research Interests
Econometric theory, estimation and inference, hypothesis testing, model selection.

Dr Julius Vainora
University Assistant Professor

Research Interests
Econometrics, Machine Learning, Network Econometrics

Dr Melvyn Weeks
University Senior Lecturer
Chair of Undergraduate Studies Committee

Research Interests


Thomas Auld

Title: Market Efficiency and Political Events

Research Interests
Market Efficiency, Bayesian Methods, Politics, High Frequency Trading, Market Microstructure

Yashuang (Dexter) Ding

Title: Essays in Volatility Modelling

Research Interests
Financial Econometrics, Time Series, Empirical Asset Pricing, Continuous Time Finance

Ganesh Karapakula

Research Interests
Applied Econometrics

Weiguang Liu

Title: Non-parametric Econometrics and Empirical Finance

Cheuk Fai Ng

Research Interests
Cluster Robust Inference In High Dimensional Linear Regression

Dario Palumbo

Title: Modelling and Extracting the Term Structure of Interest Rates: A Unifying Framework

Research Interests
Time Series, Heavy Tailed Distribution, Circular Data and Financial Econometrics

Christian Tien

Research Interests
Causal inference, Microeconometrics, Machine Learning, Factor Models

Zhaocheng Zhang

Research Interests
Empirical Research in Finance and Networks


Research Grants

  • Empirical Demand and Welfare Analysis (EDWEL) (ECH2020 EUROPEAN RESEARCH COUNCIL (ERC)) - Bhattacharya, D.
  • Econometric Demand and Welfare Analysis (ESRC) - Bhattacharya, D.
  • Globalisation And Manufacturing (CAMBRIDGE ECONOMETRICS LTD) - Cockerill, T.
  • Dynamic Common Factor Models For Regional Time Series (ESRC) - Harvey, A. C.
  • Time-Varying Quantiles (ESRC) - Harvey, A. C.
  • Namsef - Nonparametric And Semiparametric Methods In Economics And Finance (EC FP7 ERC AIG) - Linton, O.
  • International Economic Linkages And Synchronisation In Business Cycles (EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK) - Pesaran, M. H.
  • Dynamic Panel Analysis Of Interactions And Nonlinearities (ESRC) - Pesaran, M. H.
  • Real Time Econometrics, And/Or Forecasting Time Series Subject To Multiple Structural Breaks (SINOPIA ASSET MANAGEMENT) - Pesaran, M. H.
  • Major Research Fellowship For R Smith (LEVERHULME TRUST) - Smith, R.

Keynes Fund Sponsored Projects

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Published Papers

Boneva, L., Elliott, D., Kaminska, I., Linton, O., McLaren, N. and Morley, B. The Impact of Corporate QE on Liquidity: Evidence from the UK, The Economic Journal, forthcoming (2022)
Ding, Y. A Simple Joint Model for Returns, Volatility and Volatility of Volatility, Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming (2022)
Merrick Li, Z. and Linton, O. A ReMeDI for Microstructure Noise, Econometrica (2022)
Wu, J., Zhang, Z. and Zhou, S. X. Credit Rating Prediction Through Supply Chains: A Machine Learning Approach, Production and Operations Management (2021)
Onatski, A. and Wang, C. Spectral Distribution of the Sample Covariance of High-Dimensional Time Series With Unit Roots, Statistica Sinica, forthcoming (2021)
Kahn, M. E., Mohaddes, K., Ng, R. N. C., Pesaran, M. H., Raissi, M. and Yang, J-C. Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change: A Cross-Country Analysis, Energy Economics (2021)
Harvey, A. C. Time Series Models for Epidemics: Leading Indicators, Control Groups and Policy Assessment, National Institute Economic Review (2021)
Harvey, A. C. Score-Driven Time Series Models, Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application, to appear (2021)
Harvey, A. C., Kattuman, P. and Thamotheram, C. Tracking The Mutant: Forecasting and Nowcasting COVID-19 in the UK in 2021, National Institute Economic Review (2021)
Li, S. and Linton, O. When Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Peak?, Journal of Econometrics (2021)

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Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Cheng, T., Dong, C., Gao, J., Linton, O. GMM Estimation for High–Dimensional Panel Data Models, CWPE2245 (2022)
Vogt, M., Walsh, C., Linton, O. CCE Estimation of High-Dimensional Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects, CWPE2242 (2022)
Gao, J., Linton, O., Peng, B. A Nonparametric Panel Model for Climate Data with Seasonal and Spatial Variation, CWPE2239 (2022)
Bhattacharya, D., Shvets, J. Inferring the Performance Diversity Trade-Off in University Admissions: Evidence from Cambridge, CWPE2238 (2022)
Linton, O. B., Tang, H., Wu, J. A Structural Dynamic Factor Model for Daily Global Stock Market Returns, CWPE2237 (2022)
Chudik, A., Pesaran, M. H., Rebucci, A. Social Distancing, Vaccination and Evolution of COVID-19 Transmission Rates in Europe, CWPE2230 (2022)
Gao, Z., Pesaran, M. H. Identification and Estimation of Categorical Random Coeficient Models, CWPE2228 (2022)
Cun, W., Pesaran, M. H. A Spatiotemporal Equilibrium Model of Migration and Housing Interlinkages, CWPE2225 (2022)
Nocera, A., Pesaran, M. H. Causal effects of the Fed's large-scale asset purchases on firms' capital structure, CWPE2224 (2022)
Pesaran, M. H., Pick, A., Timmermann, A. Forecasting with panel data: estimation uncertainty versus parameter heterogeneity, CWPE2219 (2022)

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Authored Books

Linton, O. The Models and Methods of Financial Econometrics, (2019), Cambridge University Press
Linton, O. Probability, Statistics and Econometrics, (2017), Science Direct
Harvey, A. C. Dynamic models for Volatility and Heavy Tails, (2013), Cambridge University Press
Pesaran, B. and Pesaran, M.H. Time series econometrics using Microfit 5.0: a user's manual, (2010), Oxford University Press

Chapter in Book

Funie, A-I., Guo, L., Niu, X., Luk, W. and Salmon, M. Custom Framework for Run-Time Trading Strategies, (2017), forthcoming in Applied Reconfigurable Computing. - Springer International Publishing
Linton, O. and Xiao, Z. Quantile regression applications in finance, (2017), forthcoming in Handbook of quantile regression . Edited by Roger Koenker, Victor Chernozhukov, He Xuming - CRC Press
Kurek, M., Becker, T., Guo, C., Denholm, S., Funie, A-I., Salmon, M., Todman, T. and Luk, W. Self-aware Hardware Acceleration of Financial Applications on a Heterogeneous Cluster, (2016), forthcoming in Self-aware Computing Systems: An Engineering Approach. - Springer International Publishing
Nolte, I. and Salmon, M. Introduction, (2014), forthcoming in High frequency trading and limit order book dynamics. Edited by Ingmar Nolte, Mark Salmon, Chris Adcock - Routledge
Dell Monache, D. and Harvey, A. C. Specification and misspecification of unobserved components models, (2012), forthcoming in Economic time series: modeling and seasonality. Edited by William Bell, Scott Holan, Tucker McElroy - CRC Press
Linton, O. and Park, S. Realized volatility : theory and applications, (2012), forthcoming in Handbook of volatility models and their applications. Edited by Luc Bauwens, Christian Hafner, Sebastian Laurent - Wiley
Xia, Y., Haerdle, W. and Linton, O. Optimal smoothing for a computationally and statistically efficient single index estimator, (2011), forthcoming in Exploring research frontiers in contemporary statistics and econometrics : a festschrift for Leopold Simar. Edited by Ingrid Van Keilegom, Paul Wilson - Springer / Physica Verlag
Pesaran, M.H. Predictability of asset returns and the efficient market hypothesis, (2010), forthcoming in Handbook of Empirical Economics and Finance. Edited by Aman Ullah, David Giles - Taylor & Francis
Li, S. and Linton, O. Evaluating hedge fund performance: a stochastic dominance approach , (2010), forthcoming in Handbook of portfolio construction: contemporary applications of Markowitz techniques. Edited by John Guerard - Springer

Chapter in Book

eds. Nolte, I. and Salmon, M. High frequency trading and limit order book dynamics, (2014) - Routledge

Conference Publication

Cross, A.-I., Luk, W. Guo,- L. and Salmon, M. CJS: Custom Jacobi solver, (2018) 9th International Symposium on Highly-Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies, Toronto, Canada
Cross, A.-I., Guo, L., Luk, W. and Salmon, M. CRRS: Custom regression and regularisation solver for large-scale linear systems, (2018) 28th International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, Dublin, Ireland
Funie, A-I., Grigoras, P., Burovskiy, P., Luk, W. and Salmon, M. Reconfigurable acceleration of fitness evaluation in trading strategies, (2015) IEEE 26th International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP), Toronto, ON, Canada
Funie, A-I., Salmon, M. and Luk, W. A Hybrid Genetic-Programming Swarm-Optimisation Approach for Examining the Nature and Stability of High Frequency Trading Strategies, (2014) 13th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications, IEEE, Detroit, MI, USA
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Econometrics Research Group

Vira Semenova
(University of Berkeley, California)
"Automated Inference on Sharp Bounds"
Saturday 1st October 2022 12:05am
Keynes Hybrid (Econometrics)
Saturday 1st October 2022 12:05am
Keynes (Econometrics)

Recent Publications

Hwang, S., Rubesam, A. and Salmon, M. Beta Herding Through Overconfidence: A Behavioral Explanation of the Low-Beta Anomaly Journal of International Money and Finance [2021]

Harvey, A. C. Time Series Models for Epidemics: Leading Indicators, Control Groups and Policy Assessment National Institute Economic Review [2021]

Ding, Y. A Simple Joint Model for Returns, Volatility and Volatility of Volatility Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming [2022]

Selected CWPE


Nonparametric Recovery of the Yield Curve Evolution from Cross-Section and Time Series Inf..., Koo, B., La Vecchia, D., Linton, O.


Estimation and Inference in Semiparametric Quantile Factor Models, Ma, S., Linton, O., Gao, J.


Modeling directional (circular) time series, Harvey, A. C., Hurn, S., Thiele, S.