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Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory

Recent Publications

Published Papers

Olszewski, W. and Safronov, M. Efficient chip strategies in repeated games, Theoretical Economics vol 13(3) (2018) pp. 951-977
Olszewski, W. and Safronov, M. Efficient cooperation by exchanging favors, Theoretical Economics vol 13(3) (2018) pp. 1191-1231
Safronov, M. Coalition-proof full efficient implementation, Journal of Economic Theory vol 177 (2018) pp. 659-677

Cambridge Working Papers in Economics

Safronov, M. A Coasian Approach to Efficient Mechanism Design, (2016) CWPE1619

Recent Activities

St Catharine’s College highlights Catz Economics Fellows
An article on Catz Economics Fellows has been published today as part of the College’s 550th anniversary celebrations.
Published on - Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Economic Theory Workshop
The Cambridge-INET will be hosting a Economic Theory Workshop on Wednesday 26th - Thursday 8th June 2016, in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College
Event Date - Wednesday 8th June 2016


PI Paper 1 - Consumer, Producer, Rational Choice Theory
PIIA Paper 6 - Michaelmas - Mathematical Economics
Diploma Prep Course - Microeconomics

Mikhail Safronov

University Associate Professor

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Microeconomic Theory

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Room: 57
Office Hours: Mondays 3.00-4.00