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Working papers:

Overlapping climate policies
(with Grischa Perino & Arthur van Benthem)
Latest version: October 2023, revise & resubmit at Economic Journal

Carbon pricing and industrial competitiveness: Border adjustment or free allocation?
Latest version: May 2022

Generalized linear competition: From pass-through to policy
(with Christos Genakos & Felix Grey)
Latest version: July 2020

Carbon cost pass-through in industrial sectors
(with Karsten Neuhoff)
Latest version: October 2019, revise & resubmit at The Energy Journal

The simple economics of asymmetric cost pass-through
Latest version: May 2015 [non-technical summary]


Does competition increase pass-through?
RAND Journal of Economics, 2024, 55, 140-165

From theory to practice: determining emissions in traded goods under a border carbon adjustment (with Michael Mehling)
Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2023, 39, 123-133

Global carbon price asymmetry
Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, 2022, 114, 102687

Linking executive compensation to climate performance
California Management Review, 2022, 64, 124-140

Border carbon adjustments and industrial competitiveness in a European Green Deal
(with Stuart Evans, Michael Mehling & Paul Sammon)
Climate Policy, 2021, 21, pp. 307-317

Optimal capacity mechanisms for competitive electricity markets
(with Par Holmberg)
The Energy Journal, 2020, 41:SI, pp. 33-66

A strategic perspective on competition between pipeline gas and LNG
The Energy Journal 2019, 40:5, pp. 195-220

The political economy of a carbon price floor for power generation
(with David Newbery & David Reiner)
The Energy Journal 2019, 40:1, pp. 1-24 (lead article) [non-technical summary]

Strategic behaviour in a capacity market? The new Irish electricity market design
(with Juha Teirila)
The Energy Journal 2019, 40:SI, pp. 105-126

Market design for a high-renewables European electricity system
(with David Newbery & Michael Pollitt
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 2018, 91, pp. 695-707

Oligopolistic competition and welfare
Handbook of Game Theory & Industrial Organization, 2018, Chapter 7, pp. 181-202, Luis Corchon & Marco Marini (eds.), Edward Elgar

OPEC vs US shale: Analyzing the shift to a market-share strategy
(with Alberto Behar)
Energy Economics, 2017, 63, pp. 185-198 [non-technical summary]

How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets?
Economics Letters, 2016, 146, pp. 135-139 [non-technical summary]

How do banks respond to increased funding uncertainty?
(with Ansgar Walther)
Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2015, 24, pp. 386-410

Does the social cost of carbon matter? Evidence from US policy
(with Robert Hahn)
Journal of Legal Studies, 2015, 44, pp. 229-248 [non-technical summary]

Price discrimination and limits to arbitrage: An analysis of global LNG markets
Energy Economics 2014, 45, pp. 324-332 [non-technical summary]

On welfare losses due to imperfect competition
Journal of Industrial Economics 2014, 62, pp. 167-190

A new version of Edgeworth's taxation paradox
Oxford Economic Papers, 2014, 66, pp. 209-226

Emissions trading with profit-neutral permit allocations
(with Cameron Hepburn & John Quah)
Journal of Public Economics 2013, 98, pp. 85-99

Cost pass-through under delegation
Topics in Theoretical Economics 2009, 8, pp. 1-18

Influencing rent-seeking contests
Public Choice 2008, 135, pp. 291-300

Strategic incentives for market share
International Journal of Industrial Organization 2008, 26, pp. 586-597

Other writing:

Sustainable investment: Look more closely at corporate divestitures of carbon-heavy assets
Published by Cambridge Zero, 2 December 2020

Europe should learn from California’s carbon trading
(with Arthur van Benthem)
Opinion piece published in The Hill, 5 September 2018

Don’t backtrack on the carbon price floor
(with Arthur van Benthem)
Opinion piece published in De Volkskrant, 7 August 2018 (in Dutch)

Europe needs a minimum price on carbon emissions
(with Arthur van Benthem)
Opinion piece published in Handelsblatt Global, 25 July 2018

A carbon price floor for power generation to reaffirm EU climate leadership
(with David Newbery & David Reiner)
Cambridge EPRG Policy Brief, June 2018

A note to the new European Commission on the way forward to 2030
(with with David Reiner, David Newbery, Michael Pollitt, Chi Kong Chyong & Arjun Mahalingam)
Cambridge EPRG Policy Brief, October 2014

Optimal altruism in public good provision
(with Robert Hahn)
The Brookings Institution, September 2014

Thinking through the climate change challenge
(with Robert Hahn, Alistair Ulph & 22 others)
In: Climate Change and Common Sense: Essays in Honour of Tom Schelling, Robert Hahn & Alistair Ulph (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2012

Carbon leakage under incomplete environmental regulation: An industry-level approach
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies EV46, November 2009 [press release]

Emissions trading and profit-neutral grandfathering
(with Cameron Hepburn & John Quah)
Royal Economic Society conference paper, February 2007 [press release]

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